After Las Vegas shooting, making the journey home: Part 5

"It took me about a day and a half to try to wash this blood off-- somebody else's blood," said stagehand Mike Greenfield.
4:15 | 10/07/17

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Transcript for After Las Vegas shooting, making the journey home: Part 5
Vegas made world news on its own just by being a tourist attraction, being a hotspot. And -- now we're -- now we're labeled something else now. The deadliest mass shooting in history has happened here in Las Vegas. It took me about a day and a half to try to wash this blood off th -- somebody else's blood, who I don't even know. I don't want to say that I'm gonna have P.T.S.D. Or anything, but there's a part of me that it feels like I didn't do enough. That gets me the most. I just wanted to be with my loved ones. And I just was shaking so bad. I just wanted to -- to just disappear out of Las Vegas. The airport was resecured and started operations once again. I got home, that's when I ran -- to my son. And he just embraced me and picked me up and threw me around, and just really gave me the biggest bear hug ever. Reporter: You still can't look her in the face? That's what is hard. That's the one thing that brings things back is, you know, it's -- it's that. It's just little weird things like that. You look at her and she's -- Have you been consoling him? Yeah. Reporter: How do you try to help him? I mean, just try to be there for him. He'll kind of go and hide and I'll just let him do his thing. And -- Reporter: And you know what he's doing when he goes to hide? Yeah, 'cause I know, like, he doesn't wanna express it in front of me. Reporter: Why? I don't want her to relive what we went through. Reporter: 59 killed in this attack. There are hundreds of patients at hospitals throughout las Vegas. We're hoping to go home today -- just waiting for the mortuary to release sonny. I am adamant that I'm not leaving here without him. I wanna get him home. I wanna see my kids. But my kids are anxious to be with me. So I need to, I need to get to them. In my wildest dreams, I would never imagine this scenario. I'm going back with two suitcases. And my husband's gonna be in the cargo. This is not how I want to fly back with him. It's just almost unbearable to think about it. Reporter: What happened in Vegas is not going to stay in Vegas. Americans are going to change the way they perceive public spaces. In the aftermath of the shooting, the first thing that was critical was the motive, what drove him. There's still FBI forensics teams combing through the fairgrounds. They don't want to miss a single piece of evidence. Stephen is an odd duck from the standpoint he's a guy that sort of created in my crew this mask of sanity where he acts okay on the surface. That inside is unbelievable turmoil. Another major development. His long time girlfriend is now being called a person of interest. Marilou Danley arrived Tuesday night and authorities were hoping they might learn more of the mind set of the shooter, about his motive. She claimed to know know knowledge at all. Law enforcement officials after her account, there was great skepticism based on the fact that how can she not notice something was going on. Reporter: Stephen paddock seems to be the personification of evil but flickers of beauty, humanity. People sacrificing their own safety for complete strangers. I've replayed that night in my head a million times. I'm excited to see Natalia. It will help us

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{"id":50337429,"title":"After Las Vegas shooting, making the journey home: Part 5","duration":"4:15","description":"\"It took me about a day and a half to try to wash this blood off-- somebody else's blood,\" said stagehand Mike Greenfield. ","url":"/2020/video/las-vegas-shooting-making-journey-home-part-50337429","section":"2020","mediaType":"default"}