Las Vegas Shooting witnesses, victims recall their day before: Part 1

Heather Melton, Dean McAuley, Jonathan Smith, Gianna Baca, Lisa Fine, Mike Greenfield, Nick Miller, Breanna Skagen and Russell Bleck share their stories.
6:35 | 10/07/17

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Transcript for Las Vegas Shooting witnesses, victims recall their day before: Part 1
It's relaxation central, there's this kind of legacy of Las Vegas as being a place where something secret happens, maybe you go on your own but Las Vegas is also the place where you -- where people go in groups to have a wonderful time, and they dance and maybe they gamble and hear music. The route 91 harvest festival had been a success for a number of years it's 20,000 people, a three day concert. You had a great cross sections of Americans who all wanted to come to that festival and it drew all kinds of people. My name is Heather Melton. And I live in big sandy, Tennessee. Sonny says that when he first saw me that I stole his heart. We kind of like to do some travelling and this year, our thing has been going to concerts. And we were very excited to come to the route 91 festival. My name is Dean Mcauley. I'm a professional firefighter up here in Washington state. We go to this event every year -- route 91 harvest fest in Las Vegas. It's what we do. My name is Jonathan Smith and I am a copy repair technician based out of Orange California. I recently just got into country music I know people are like "Why is there a black guy at a country music festival, but I've always listened to country. I can listen to any country song and it'll just take me away. My name Gianna Baca and I am a cheer leader. My sister Natalia Baca, she's sassy like me. The best thing about being a twin is that we're always together and we're never alone so you always have a best friend with you. My name's Lisa fine. And I have two children, and I'm a professional organizer and personal trainer, nutritionist. And I live in Roseville, California. My name is Michael Greenfield. I'm a musician, stage technician, I do a lot of different shows out here. Anywhere from corporate events to full on stage concerts. I'm Nick Miller. I'm a guitarist. I play for singer, Adam Craig. This was the first time that I had been to this particular festival so I was pretty excited to get to Vegas and really experience it. I'm Breanna skagen. I'm Russell Bleck. We got engaged -- on September 10th in New York. We were sailing and he popped the question. We were celebrating the engagement and we got free passes to the festival. Thursday September 28th was actually my boyfriend's birthday we went over to the top golf hit some golf balls. I spent my day at -- national personal training institute, at school. On Thursday I was doing a lot of laundry. We actually went to work that day and we flew out here to Las Vegas. On Thursday, Stephen paddock drove away from his home in a gated retirement community in Mesquite, Nevada. What we know about Stephen paddock is that he is a 64-year-old compulsive gambler who worked as an accountant, before that he was an irs agent, he even worked as a postal carrier. He seemed like a very ordinary person who didn't mix well with others, very few people knew much about him. I thought this guy is so into himself and I've never met an individual like that ever, where you couldn't create some emotion one way or the other. Paddock's girlfriend was Marilou Danley. He met her at a casino in Reno, Nevada, the atlantis. She worked there as what's called, a casino hostess, for high end players in the video poker area. Toolgt they traveled around the world and comped with all kinds of ameties. On September 15th Mary lilou Danley boarded the flight to the Philippines. After she arrived federal agents discovered he had been wiring tens of thousands of dollars to someone in the fiphilippines. She said she had no idea anything was amiss. It's Thursday, September 28th, and paddock pulls into the mandalay bay, leaves the car with the valets and walks into the hotel. One of the things everyone sees is a sign that says no weapons permitted. He gets a room called the mandalay bay suite. This is room 32-135. And this is one of the nicest suites in the entire hotel. It's 1700 square feet. Right on the corner of the hotel, with a perfect view to that concert venue down below. At about 11:50 in the morning, we had just landed in Vegas. For three days, I was, you know, just ready to get on my country outfit and have fun. We got to the venue the first day, there were so many bands we were excited about seeing. Number one, especially for sonny, was to see Eric church. And the thing about these country concerts is it's all a tailgate, it's all a party. And you walk in. And I'm lookin' at my phone for my list of all the t-shirts and stuff that people want back home. I bought a cowboy hat, got a bling belt buckle, and just really was excited that I was gonna have this really fancy cowgirl outfit to wear, and dance around, and have the time of my life. I decided to wear a black hills matter shirt. It's actually the mountains in South Dakota so I wore it just for laughs and giggles. I was actually here in las Vegas covering oj Simpson. Simpson said he wants to move to Florida to be near his children. My sister and I were really excited. We were like this is our first concert outside with a lot of people so we're like oh my gosh and we were just so pumped for it. Saturday was a seminormal day. I decided to go in a full ensemble ended up dancing with a few women -- My favorite musical moment was when Sam hunt was getting up on that stage and gonna sing all the songs I absolutely love. Those thousands of concertgoers are down below, what they don't know is there's another spectator. He's on the 32nd story of that building looking down on them and he's planning something beyond sinister.

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{"id":50337425,"title":"Las Vegas Shooting witnesses, victims recall their day before: Part 1","duration":"6:35","description":"Heather Melton, Dean McAuley, Jonathan Smith, Gianna Baca, Lisa Fine, Mike Greenfield, Nick Miller, Breanna Skagen and Russell Bleck share their stories.","url":"/2020/video/las-vegas-shooting-witnesses-victims-recall-day-part-50337425","section":"2020","mediaType":"default"}