Woman describes moment when husband was shot while holding her

Heather Melton and others describe the chaos that ensued when Stephen Paddock opened fired on the crowd below his hotel room.
7:55 | 10/07/17

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Transcript for Woman describes moment when husband was shot while holding her
Wishing you love, sleep and play. Pampers ??? I had no sense that we were in any danger at all. And it felt so safe. You see as far as the eye can see. Just shoulder to shoulder people. Showing that on the videotape how big the crowd was. Stephen paddock has his weapons lined up ready to go. We were in the front row enjoying Jason aldean and in the video we are so happy. Everybody is thrilled and ten minutes later all hell broke loose. The shots fired. It felt like fireworks honestly. That's just a fire cracker. Why would they do that? I turned to sonny and said was that a gun and he said I don't think so because the music was very loud. I heard a crackle sound. And it was so odd. I've been around firearms my whole life and I didn't think it was a weapon at all. I thought it was just some feedback, maybe from the amplifiers or something. So I continued to shoot. And then I hear somebody was like, "Was that a gun?" And I was like, "You know what, on second thought that sounded like an ar-15 from far away." That was an ar. It sounded like somethin' out of -- you -- you hear in the news with Afghanistan or Iraq or -- you know, any of the movies we see now. Just the click, click, click, click, click, click, click. That doesn't sound like a real gun. It is a real gun. That's me screaming that it is a real gun. Within seconds you could tell, no, that is not fireworks. That is -- that is somebody just spraying bullets down on people, innocent people. I said, "I think that's guns." And that's when Jason aldean ran off the stage. And people started running. I had a little -- little mini flashlight, so I start waving it to everybody. I'm like, "Guys, get everybody off the stage. Everybody off the stage. I see the road crew and a bunch of people running off the stage, takin' Jason aldean with him. Runnin' as fast as they could down the stairs. And my first instinct was to get the flashlight on the stairs so that they can at least see where they're Goin'. They weren't stopping. The shots were not stopping. They just kept going and going. And-- I mean, the only thing that we could think of was just to run. Just to run. Keep going please! My boyfriend threw me to the floor like trying to protect me and it felt like a metal medicine ball, like a hundred pound medicine ball landed on @ me. So it was like I got hit or I got shot. I said to sonny, "We just need to get down." And he said, "No, we can't get down, 'cause we'll get trampled." And that's when he -- just wrapped his arms around me from behind, and we started running. And that's when I felt him get shot in the back. And we fell to the ground. I felt the impact of the bullet in his body, 'cause he was holding me. And I think he could hear me at first. But I -- I couldn't tell where he'd been shot from. I just saw a lot of blood. And I couldn't tell, I couldn't tell. And he couldn't talk to me. And I couldn't feel a pulse. So I started doing cpr. And there was still bullets flying all around us. I was pinned down I couldn't get out of there. You can hear the -- sounds. It sounded like the shots just raining through the tent flaps. And you had no idea where the gunman was, where the shots were being fired from. Get out of here, there' gun shots coming from over there. Go that way. Uniformed police officers at the venue, they get pinned down, because they're right there with the crowd. Had their body cams on and you could see them, sort of the fear in like the unknown of where is this coming from? They're shooting right at us, guys. Where is it at? Coming out of a window. And I decided that I wanted to record every single thing that was happening, I just thought, if I'm gonna die, I want my kids and my family -- To know -- to know that this is what happened. You're seeing people plugging holes with their fingers to stop the blood. And ex-military telling everyone where to go, what to do. "Stay low, keep moving, don't stop." I saw every single one of these police officers running towards the danger. It was all survival. But you saw the best out of everybody. There was a hero that -- in one of my videos that he -- he ran out there. He risked his life and that man, he -- you'll see it. He jumps out of the -- out down. And he kind of looks around for gunfire, and then he goes out there to assist. And I don't know if he's alive. I hope to god he's alive. You could hear people shoutin' for help, and, "Need a medic," and -- "I've been shot." It wasn't until we got around the corner -- that we seen a girl get hit. Two seconds after we turned the corner and she dropped. She just dropped. Weightless. Like nothing I've ever seen before. It up on your feet. On your feet. Thank you. I heard a gap in between. And I'm like, "Okay, he's reloading. You gotta get out. You gotta get out. Go now." And I got up and I ran. When I got up and I just -- all I could think about was, "Just run. I don't care what just happened. Just run, run, run." Run, don't walk! I mean, I was, like, it just is tunnel vision at a certain point. I turned around and I just basically, ran back towards the gunfire to help up as many people as I could. That's when it took a horrible turn for me. As I stood up I took a shot to the neck. I told him I was an emt and he pointed me to the tent. I grabbed some gloves. And went to work. We have been shot coming from mandalay bay. Once they realized the fire is coming from the 32nd floor the next point is to figure out where. This hotel is massive. This one security guard who was unarmed begins to approach room 32-135 where paddock is. He's watching him through the surveillance cameras he set up and he starts opening fire hitting the guard in the leg. That provided police tactical teams the crucial intelligence they needed to know exactly where Stephen paddock was. As the S.W.A.T. Teams entered the 32nd floor they understand they have never in American history experienced this and have no idea what's behind that door of room 135.

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{"id":50337427,"title":"Woman describes moment when husband was shot while holding her","duration":"7:55","description":"Heather Melton and others describe the chaos that ensued when Stephen Paddock opened fired on the crowd below his hotel room.","url":"/2020/video/woman-describes-moment-husband-shot-holding-part-50337427","section":"2020","mediaType":"default"}