Lucasfilm Publishing talks 'The Last Jedi' and other new book releases

Director of Creative for Lucasfilm Publishing discusses new book releases at New York Comic-Con 2017.
9:52 | 10/06/17

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Transcript for Lucasfilm Publishing talks 'The Last Jedi' and other new book releases
Michael Rothman and walking he come back at you from New York comic con 2017. Now the Star Wars universe gays. A vast vast galaxy that I think a lot of fans don't realize there's a lot of books and comics and all kinds of material and between the films now I have a very special guest. Michael sing laying. Who is the creative director of policy for that he's found. That is a huge. Job inverted right there yes it is it is also. To use the old Spider-Man quote you know with great power possibility must come responsibility. And it is a great responsibility we take it very very seriously. Now. We try to do our best to filling those gaps in the films and support the film's. But it'll salon. So we're also surprising admission have you today did not Jack Kennedy Manning we visited shaken and everything that you can't tell me all the Jenna wooden ornament at Sony. 801919019. And adding now behind. Michael and Walt we have a bevy of amazing books that are out now are coming out you know in the near future. Walk let's walk through some of these. Absolutely says so one that I actually wanna talk about his alleged incidents now coming in here it is the safest market is the first time that people next ignited something right. Exactly SO but it's not over doesn't mountains though how only. But here comment on this weekend counties that didn't publishing due to pick up copy. You can go downstairs to our Sally get artistry from signing copies. And is that that was part of our journey through program. And what that is is easy way to build excitement speculation about the passivity remind people about the characters at seven and you just get ready for the film comes in December for what ended with this novel. Now is he took these hotels let's that was our bureau that we get so upset and you'll see it's into the movie business he. Now what are the source of its over the earth county and that I am coming up at six different home sales agents if there's some truth to get there isn't. And the stories ranged from. Around episode four times the post episode six. And did a really really needs to. I think a lot a lot of fans have been fans for years don't realize because we've we've known it we've seen for years and seven name and Jenny Harrison Ford there's that famous smiling he's like it's all true back and it seems like. He is it's almost like he's not the loop we know from the original first you know. First trilogy for five and six. People really don't know for sure that Melissa as much. He's he's been detected at an energetic happy terrorism and he turns around the lie yes. All he does. When you don't talk about this but in particular is gimmick isn't rich history its Star Wars stories. It was previously of the space universe of years ago. The system as we talk about these legends in a sense of up front story that next. It many like them again it differently telling these minutes were spent its iconic characters. Any kind of on supplement this but from those that long legs and. Really what we've done with the with the EU is is you know setting aside its weapons material. That way we can take a really ambitious approach this and everything that we're doing now is connected. Publishes the film's connected games after the comics you know it's one giant shares. Burns and so what we're seeing in this are little incidence rates that episode eight but maybe a little incidence rates the other material. Within the zone and we try to get throughout all of our home someday we haven't. Seeing that perhaps cool and I perhaps. Astronauts animates these benefits and gain the leg lamp actually make us about that. This is this the book that we want you for years and years and years and really there was no better person. Quality grade right young it's lay on his sixteenth birthday. Finding out about the alien and it's also her parents realizing what our daughters is knowing what you do. You know few days shield her from it if protector as parents or do they try to contribute the right thing sent them what's right it really beautiful. And it can't recommend it. That's ass on that I would love to know and have always wanted to know. How is is that you work with the story groups it's it's such a fascinating process that this everything is still connected that we just sad. Do you come that they have an idea anything hanky usually build this out is that it's. Both it's it's it's all extremely collaborative both within publishing department and the written. And publishing and all of our licensees we are partners in crime with the folks in Delray from. Marvel but he W. UK everywhere and I get it is a good idea if it comes from a straight comes it was a great if it comes from Stewart who break you know. Terms of the film's local news we'll sit down filmmakers at a time and walk them through their programs hazel we have you know planned for today. And welcome back to let's go with you that this little spots over the that this you know it's very organic it's very very collaborative and opposites on our job. And it never ending to the mean there's we saw with drove one you know one little bit the story can become an amazing tale had a pretty finally ending dial up. Hussein this of this. If you guys excluding haven't seen it does not yet vick's lead to death their plans are obtained this happened. On Monday that I'm really going on I think it's we've been having and his partners this scene minutes of approximately battling to disclose yes. Dollar all of the all of this company's on C news I've eighties and any explosives. One thing that I thought was angry that this thing every time we talked somebody's aunt comic. Who's writing books on menace he doesn't really seem like no you would think that news coming down on high what's going to happen and that was next but realistically a lot of Disney's on his pitching. Helen Sommers. Yeah that's that's certainly part of it a lot of it does come from within that's on the table we know where this film's going with a ten patients don't these games are going. Who supported him in other films always lead the charge in the polish of the charge. What is really fun to throw your students are okay what else can we add to this patent and technology. And we take something from you know the games division. And looked looked like battlefront we Delray. And expand upon that you know what you stuff with the comments. Or even what you'll see you coming up from my VW kids comics that'll connect to other areas. Again that's that that's that's you know as one tiered universe is very unique songs and it's it's a lot of work but it's pretty cool and even some kids. So it's not just for you teens are hard to write edit my thirtieth that loves the stuff so much idea behind what was he deviate on the run. There will is I think it was chewy and that most adorable ports in the entire worldly. They'll start was really is for everyone and we we take them very seriously you want to make sure that there are books for for fans of every age whether the franchise whether. You've been reading for forty years there is something. It would look and original it's picture book. So we'll be able map lines but the phenomenal opportunity for us and you get to get told the story of what happened to deviate. It's congress is divided Poland quota race and forcibly to hit the boards is just a completely. Horrible picture book. I Natalie waiting about a bush and got a hit off the boards and knock you upside there than I mean it's really. Beautifully done at the today is an Emmy award winning animation writer Thomas reiter cadences to write this book for us. It's just on. Look at me to kind of bring in these sort of projects and again it's pictured some. And even novels going keep these next stories. We don't look for again it's our sense of diesel and the story and I know. We topped apple and anger chronicling me I mean here visually compelling to sounding its typical Cuddy and a fine thanks indeed. It's tough you know as everyone everyone wants it to play in the sandbox. And you have to find people we'll obviously police. We'll having me back story and the unique perspective we never wanna be something that we've done. You know it you never want cookie cutter who never. Want feeling boats because we did this novel this middle great book but this picture book it's in the same thing so. Was that you that next unique voice and we look all over obviously throughout publishing for comments we'll also throughout filming TV. Where is that you that next song what song. Obviously he's overseeing looper seeing landing BBA. They hated the characters that you want to kind of dive into the future going for it yet he witnessed he stuff legacy stuff from episode eight for sure. And who'll be looked after and say again I'm sorry this drive was good alphabetically like I appreciate it now. We've got tables water with the Belgrade it was between. Coming out December and that focuses on the bombers and Rosen it was very exciting. You're gonna see stuff next year focusing on some of the U character. Film you haven't seen before that's collectively what did now but they'll be stuff coming up around them through these departments. I love Sarah Lane let's and its battle up here and that this is an exclusive. Yes this is exclusively your outlook on it here on I think that the copy. Answer is that it's like they did you know. Until meanwhile plenty of you on there done out of style find their way. I think it's it was are joining us Alice I saw president Lazarus yeah. It's worth doing a Michael the law I'm Mike Robinson and ABC news. I was also thinking you were well I was Gretna. I get a little.

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