'War for the Planet of the Apes' motion-capture experience

Fans re-enact part of a scene from the movie at New York Comic Con.
13:20 | 10/06/17

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Transcript for 'War for the Planet of the Apes' motion-capture experience
I'm joined here today at the way to visit the home of the work of the planet of the apes by Dick body you already know camp director for the film. What needs. This sounds nice narrated to dropping their draft opinions. And of course in my left is Mike Roth me in the head anything's fair. As hell I'm excited and nervous the same time thing grandma writes that he's just a little bit about what's going on behind us right now. Show where I've come out this comes six vet that their primary base I would given fans a chance to get on the horse and become a market performer. So this is a scene from the actual felt. Spotted the saying yes so look he tells about the ridiculous outfit apparently went well it's not ridiculous ridiculous you're drunk. Channel very well and her. I look so as not a fantastic I think that might you should you should start potentially get any news America remembers all right so. Let's canister bring in over some of these. Check me so. I need to to tell us about some of blood is going on my get them them. Well we're gonna put Mike here and oh record and a half six generally would have more would be covered from here to talk it would have about fifty knocked as the sun got twenty. At this time same materials what we use on hold at this series at the UBL streets and and what respects our. I let's talk is not. Glaxo. It feels fantastic I haven't yet are you having trouble putting this only because a how muscular. It can be difficult and we're we're management here in. This is the extra small man's eyes for those of you at home it's it's a medium. So I want to hear all about how this technology works and evidently near these lovely balls kind of covering us or we'll be covering SE and how does this kind of work with the cameras around this. Mechanical horse. Well we'd ankle gambles we just hold on mocked his students and that obviously isn't bad directional reflective type so that we have back camera we have twelve cameras on the set up. Thank you have a and three at Allegheny bring life but ships time a lot out. Not gets reflected back to the camera distract Vinatieri days. We calibrate every morning which is price is right along round and that. Put the cameras and the same place as the digital camera and then we have the volume which we can track any not in the previous night's. All right so let's get some of these more these markers on hills billions not which he get the gauntlet on athletes. Up. This is the first time in my brother's life that he's ever had the sensation. So we have the gull lake coming on now. Again I want to correct that I like Al Bundy played high school football. I'd start but I blame high school football. Certain Jake what's the best way to play this in years. That's the sort everyone's head difference of ideas about a summit this thing alarm and trying to avoid all the branches others that dot picking diving and waving. But so it's up to interpretation Ellen. You judged people as they do their maneuvers and tricks and lay out I wasn't that I seen better. Levy judging me as I'm doing it. It's it's going on the upper arm you can see on me it's covering divisive region. Again we got. Four markers on the lower side floor on the efforts it. And then several on our backs its. I think your biceps of Samir nice qualities it's a nice of you. With a seven or a compliment folding its great. This element is Gus gill we're gonna talk to him shortly really Ted this adds it to someone who's had this experience done well. Now you're almost all set we need to get here year here. Barrel of began so in my the first person or request an extra large cat because of my extra large had a hair. The the biggest hit we've had backed guerrilla a gun a guerrilla sooners come onto the prize. Every ago. This just do it. Of the rip it off like a bandit but update and that you don't hold on to that. It is a tasteful cap. Bat that analysts here for extra measures did it again. All right so we are all set and I think that we're actually gonna get you on their scene that he's a relative and more about lead and led the group. That we have been around for about 25 years now we where predominately on films are we've worked on all the facilities on planet of the acts. And Essex I think that we aired once this it's a plant branch presumably is this is a game. Yeah he's been running approach brought along Sherry wants get off and I. What are some of the craziest stunt we'll try to do all while being on this. Today today we've had guys trying to run backwards. Stand up on that's. Trusting LA vita side saddle. I hate of its answer and James as we're live moment ABC news how has the experience. Who is also meant nothing to hide them and it's an exotic. You had. Four times longer than anybody else though it are you regretting going now long right now is cooled it LO that this is. So what do you recommend tired trying to order Michael does their end of course the experience. Okay really get into the character of a monkey bang it's just start. Throw in a throwing her arms everywhere. Deaths are extreme and you know instantly cool. It is a video that literally screamed the biggest not a pleasant. Saying it is an even near like a monkey you're definitely agree. They had to get kind of count done yeah. Awesome did as this thing up there. One of the coolest things of them today F very cool. It's that you would result certain let's get out of it thank you very much for joining us my fingertips think you his honest not do that all right so this is the umpire. Where he gets a last night drop and lose things. For Jerry three present. I use the box. Through they've got to get. So what it again this. This is. Those accurately technology company that we're specifically movies. That's correct route Donald utilities would have been on every every film sit that they've. Downs I've with us summit summit comes six this without reflective when me gun films that we do LEDs on the piston themselves. Yet now I can hear as though we're we're talking about how dangerous this isn't how and where in the labor lives. So let's get back tonight a look at them going S that's. All right. All right so he's starting out. To tell me that this film again it's coming making an earlier this summer's next. What he was intimate scenes along. Let's was shot up and no wrestlers must must be nice and hired out of San Francisco. So bad acts just. Snuck up on these guys accidentally shot the gunman then he's all right Sumi other rights and growth Tyson after. All right and so it again. Bob Knight you can do it. Through. We do it this isn't real time. This is over it targets that would have any doubts with the confidence tolls just to catch. Me pregnant it. These are natural when we might have a job for back time. Absolutely and again just the lawyer and of them are markers they cannot and a better access 'cause this technology and senate passed every year. I'm software advancements of fame been picked out of it and also a camera technology is Brian park conservatory from. From wind knocked us out of there reviews have analog cameras never got digital news ahead. Halogen lights now we have and Friedel eighties but just for context you tell me earlier that you didn't lead this company since that the two hours. That's right hip hop with Richards has eyes that Rick and rid of the general terrific. So I guess an engine that now you can do this in real time this includes. It you come out with against and it looks like previous. That does the outrage which aren't might just as good as we couldn't assure amount of time we had so whereupon I was this whole concept kind and together and about a month. And that is flexing I think we need to pick which partly made undermined if I'm thinking that dances really knows reliable one. The dead yet good run. He's done well right brought metals like these these at metro yeah. The economic. So against the film comes out and lead dvd he says. It that's probably right comes out on the team. And you can sign up. Releases here. Terrific up. And it's he is just going at it I think this. He he sent one of the most successful runs on this horse that I've ever seen what he's on it at this horse this looks like it to a delightful piece. That's is that thoughtful based reactor on this one for the showers it's and then there's been a lot of big time. Yeah yeah public an account kind you gotta you've done everything so there is demand amid legend Mike Rothman. RA NT tepid applause leaping off the beast tell us that view is tiring it's best that surprisingly very tiring. There's also like everything you do it like follows like no matter what how small or big movie you do it's amazing. You recommend the experience. Yes that's absolutely recommend you do it now I think I'm gonna do that right right I think he's on the ten and I ask McDonald's and they had. Our am I cast my breath right now. Now who do you think we better at this migrates honesty just saw. Where this elegant manner right now. You to stop what we're looking pretty natural think your natural we'll what do you say that we're have the right thing. Adding it had distant ancestors owned horses at one point in time I it's in the blood inside. Act. I mean have we seen people where. Dressed loafers suggests she is Laidlaw was wearing a time that's not really come upon top issue on the right thing. That might help Hamas made us but isn't the right I'm thinking as the folk bottler white socks with dress shoes. He meets and it's on to help. Is he stretching and I just don't know what's going on. All right all right. He's he's pretty good. Suicide from obstacle in the apes. Are there other kind of I don't need I might let your feeding questions that wall to their ass but. Games and lose you've been you've got that have worked on that aired you know same Mo cap experiences. Yes we've done films tend time. That he is a Garrard we've worked on victory. And win it does a lot of launch ours the values we do a lot of much of catcher for back time. Did you get firstly how did you get into this is such a cool art form this is lake does one get into to doing this. At that the beloved classic Christian ought some reluctance. Unused Amman where no winner and I'm not got a job at the bottom where my life around Brian tonight. It is it hard for you to talk to me in the debut this hat on right now and and to distract the saying a lot of they ran a lot of fine thanks I'm good at landing in Democrat. Doesn't work out a gun facility cooler experience I think we've seen in our second day here and it's really amazing everyone lined up watching it beautifully around. What are some of the things he checked out the one to kind of look play here that the want to play once and it's not like lifetime experience. Haven't looked on unfortunately we've been busy on the some parents are 170 people throughout the fairest guys. I've get a chance to have a grandson. Anita today. Are up at the rating. And Walt Katz is like five at this point that he's. Walt how how would that go way. Where's your contacts right yet totally lost contact lenses. It's the great kid and I Baghdad. Are you tired like I'll have you ever been a monkey so hard you lose part of your. What is that move your doing right now I don't know I did us on a Texas want to bullfight. I don't think that's true by the way so that say that. Do you have the finale planned. Paula. Get up get up. What is your experience a look at what would use day I am exhausted partially blind but this is fantastic event. Jake L I think you so much of the senate has experience are welcome to ground enjoy their SE it's not a common. Low low low a world. And love. Who is better. The united. I can't I count the Thai give birth exits you know that's exceedingly good yes all right. I'm very ridiculous man this is Mike Rothman thank you very much for watching for ABC news digital.

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{"id":50329402,"title":"'War for the Planet of the Apes' motion-capture experience","duration":"13:20","description":"Fans re-enact part of a scene from the movie at New York Comic Con. ","url":"/Entertainment/video/war-planet-apes-ride-experience-50329402","section":"Entertainment","mediaType":"default"}