Lin-Manuel Miranda Talks Disney's 'Moana', Plays 'Heads Up' Backstage

Ginger Zee talks to Grammy and Tony award winner and "Hamilton" creator Lin-Manuel Miranda on his upcoming projects with Disney.
9:26 | 10/13/16

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Transcript for Lin-Manuel Miranda Talks Disney's 'Moana', Plays 'Heads Up' Backstage
Let's Facebook ends here with Good Morning America and this right now is that room where it's happening we've got lit and while we're at year end user's. It. I know it and Hamilton reference that this morning it's all about Mo want to. You're here though it is all the princess'. Features are ousted. Actually it's. It's Esther and and a lot of a a that's what I think you'll Wear. I'm. Quarter. That's in the UK. I'll eat it's how they. Work in. That. Her. It's. Eight. Since. Can we talk about a movie or if we just. Gruber rockers. Friends. Two corporate theater square. Blues recently it's really. And here. An absurd it's courtesy. And a chance to work with the directors. On this. It is completely Julius years. On the op anything. That does touch all new audiences. Yeah this resulted. In this thing. And not take away from nineteen the. I looked at the outlook you know might choose order books are my piano that kid or like. The ultimate songbook and people. The two pictures space. These issues. If you. Oh I mean I'm a PC. Guy eight. We will ultimately. And I mean I'm pretty much passed. And her office. As. A heartbreaker. Is it. And use that. It. Or about La Russa didn't. Do your child. Yeah. But it's. It. Our boxing. Corporate. Her but he. And below I try I. So back to do yet. A lot of remind you but she comfortable obviously. Princesses and heroines who tells about. Who she. What's more on its. Love interest stories about her trying to get presents or or all the love she she reminds me most. Guess I would have to Sunnis. Oh honestly it's like like she's just like this. To have the mission and and so it it's really kind. Incredible and she sort of it's it's really wonderful to sort of cedars. Incredible hero's journey that it will external auditors. But at this you've got this heroes you mr. Use and oh yeah there's a lot of stuff I wasn't. Ready or what I'm part of that beepers and songwriting team alive. With writers on it an apartment she did score and mortgages. Orchestrator and songwriter around so you see him quote. Assault in this war Athens. With. Not out. I'm a little reprieve you're here. Through. I and that. I happily. Surprise. Two. Week my. She eat it. Eat. There. Yet you know. And. I wrote was that he or I. What's yours. Isn't and then come back with humans. There have been. Bet that part that particular code well as the worst. I can't. That is an. I want asks if you've written songs you've been apartment. You know printed on where you're writing about a homicidal cheerleader killer instinct Britain. I'll break up song from the England's view you know the colony. It's certain he can operates on about. You know I guess I'll miss it. That's fine is. The only in writing. To us. So. When you're writing from the perspective delusional. Calculating budget and cheer yeah. Fire went on I wrote. I'm actually went back to my parents house and wrote it my old bedroom it was Campbell's first song and it's sort of like. T elect that he changed the tune in the shower. And go all the one of the source of the Harris. Go after the source. And set and that's the fun and restore the limits of what use you. I hope I mean I think. Unless these 151614. To sixteen is just. It's when it's the most hormones coursing there's just. More it's not just Hungary. Song describes everything I always wanted to say credit cards. I'll let your chest it's also good news. It's. And. The blessed union still. Res black and. You. I don't. Light that acts in. All right speaking about what these vessels yes. Would you adult as the game of heads up even ginger that acts out whatever comes up on the screen and I'll be guessing. IRA here we go FaceBook are you ready for this. As mice and I'm sure you. Very. Here we got. I well. Secret. Yeah. Sort. Fencing yet. Air hockey. Cable he sit. Well. Throwing darts. Dodging William let tell act. Slicing. Knife there. Now. A choreography. Karaoke. I'll get it hey. Still getting in trouble going to talk about teacher and straight jacket. Going to jail. I think that. Coke costs and the whole grains of the most the end was well let us. Aaron it. Well you're gonna get aggregated and it's a little bit more about a lot we're excited. Early this behavior. We're interrogating you about a new Disney movie. The movie comes out November when he there now it's ours. In Atlanta Butler at. But it.

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{"id":42775509,"title":"Lin-Manuel Miranda Talks Disney's 'Moana', Plays 'Heads Up' Backstage","duration":"9:26","description":"Ginger Zee talks to Grammy and Tony award winner and \"Hamilton\" creator Lin-Manuel Miranda on his upcoming projects with Disney.","url":"/GMA/video/lin-manuel-miranda-talks-disneys-moana-plays-heads-42775509","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}