Pope Francis Loses His Cap on Philippines Arrival

PHOTO: Pope Francis tries to hold on to his cap after it was blown by wind as he disembarks from his plane after arriving at a military airbase in Manila Jan. 15, 2015.PlayTed Aljibe/AFP/Getty Images
WATCH Pope Francis' Plane Lands, But His Cap Takes Flight

The wind wasn't cooperating for Pope Francis today.

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As the pontiff stood at the top of the plane’s steps after reaching Manila for his trip to the Philippines, his papal skullcap – called a zucchetto – blew away.

Francis walked down the plane’s steps hatless but smiling nonetheless. Later, his robe could be seen flapping over his face.

The pope laughed off the wardrobe malfunctions, greeting well-wishers and waving to crowds gathered to witness his motorcade.

He is visiting the Philippines, which is home to Asia’s largest Catholic population, following a trip to Sri Lanka and is slated to stay five days.

The Associated Press contributed to this report.