Spectacular aurora spotted over Lake Mapourika in New Zealand

Spectacular video shows the Aurora Australia, also known as the Southern Lights, over Lake Mapourika in New Zealand.PlayMike MacKinven
WATCH 'Perfect' viewing conditions for aurora over lake

It was the perfect time to see the Aurora Australis, according to a New Zealand media outlet.

Luckily, Mike MacKinven was there to capture it in a stunning time-lapse video.

MacKinven was near Lake Mapourika near the west coast of New Zealand's South Island when he shot the phenomenal video.

The Aurora Australis is like the Northern Lights, just in the southern hemisphere.

The aurora is commonly seen in New Zealand, but it rarely is visible on consecutive nights or to this level of intensity.

This particular display could be seen in Auckland and Christchurch, areas of the country that rarely see the lights in the sky.