New 'Avatar'-themed souvenirs at Disney's Pandora

ABC News' Scott Withers takes us on a shopping spree of all the unique souvenirs only available at Animal Kingdom's new land, Pandora.
4:46 | 05/24/17

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Transcript for New 'Avatar'-themed souvenirs at Disney's Pandora
A chance got eyewitness giving each case the Kodak. I am here in durable world of the tablets aren't animal kingdom and it means traders specifically I didn't see Hillary. Yes as the Mercury hearing. At and department got on my good friend Cody he's helped them. And aura of slick in the movie you can make it easy to go home I have a dog bone disease that. I mean an NC. He then and she just indicate that. And she has what you get elected and she has no dissenting OT. This is one kind of bonded Whitney earlier. Well prices of bonding thing and you think. That's doing that. I feel like I'm here. It's higher aggregate sacks in. Levy notebook well yeah. That theory there you know he's talking begat a little game so as well yeah. Part of the world is an important bond with the anti. Death and actually. Here. There's and how wonderful double bonding process say well I think applies to the environment not. And there's an easy process and then you fancy it just kinda hangs with you it's protects you. I doubt that kind does that and this is gonna be really popular singer's. New aren't seeing a lot of people happy. Hit him. UN or. They comment. It would not take a man OK right where it might see it. Where to go out shopping spree here it is. Tons of relief equal things it will this world you're specifically and ruled out or that you can take me. And she thought I would take my company credit card. Go shopping at the Jimmy snaps let's get a hobby into urgent Michaels again with me. Thanks Cuddy was needed. Here. Oh. This really cool so accurately and traders if you'd think if you can think about it you can get this the I don't hear Whitney. Shifting some of the really cool stuff might answer I hope it doesn't fly away. You know this. Place at me. God if you remember from the movie. Everybody's got years so. I can be yours for me the words. Evening. No oh sorry sorry. Ago. Mark OK we had years in detail here again details. So whether it's male audience. And here. But light a necklace. I ability. A hook this up it's in the credit card. I'm gonna get. Via the of the anti. He is making its funny noise and if you can hear it making he is like growling or something yeah there you go to hear that. Just like my dogs that's that old they're getting angry at him on his staff here. So there Richland. If one of those lines and rob and one for urged that all of them all of them. Her. He. So when you come to help the tar. Here at January here it wouldn't avatar at and the kingdom. It is fully fully immersive everything you can think it's when you walk out of here you feel Friday night football avatar you really do. I'm experiencing. Its patent sting. L. Years I'm ready to get up oh and there's one thing that hopefully we'll get later. Excellence in view of it Steve and you ain't learned you paint your own tablets are action figure. Coming out what it is through on the company's credit card. I'm so that's at you're having a great I'd have traders. What you get down here out pictures it yet antique this let's go to them. I've got to where there's live here at the grand opening an app and or the world avatar and looking down. I. You guys later. Later we're going to check outlying.

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{"id":47612650,"title":"New 'Avatar'-themed souvenirs at Disney's Pandora","duration":"4:46","description":"ABC News' Scott Withers takes us on a shopping spree of all the unique souvenirs only available at Animal Kingdom's new land, Pandora.","url":"/Lifestyle/video/avatar-themed-souvenirs-disneys-pandora-47612650","section":"Lifestyle","mediaType":"default"}