Take a boat ride through Pandora: World of Avatar at Disney World

ABC News' Genevieve Brown and Scott Withers take a cruise on the Na'vi River Boat ride.
8:12 | 05/24/17

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Transcript for Take a boat ride through Pandora: World of Avatar at Disney World
Here yeah. Very often. That was a fun ride. So we're here this is Alan. Returning there live bird and learning. Though we are I had gotten behind me up and this is all about the violent. Lord here. Pandora media world now the talk. Right. At its action. All ages her family. Had Jensen river. If that's. Other kinds of land management late now. Scary intense. River ride I got a river riding experience pain and motion simulator. Writing is easy reading those very much enjoyed. Here we are good. Well. So late in the ever if you remember in the movie the wild mood in Athens the plants animals that's what you're good at CNN. I'm trying to help defeat the forward on this team and dark object of these if you remember that met the man. It eluded him like he's black and they're looking things very vicious. This is that a great job re creating those air campaign charges that hearing everywhere you've got giant. And at. James Cameron spoke about these this morning when he said that when he was a teenager. He had a very vivid dream about these spinning violently as and lizards. And that was wanted that they should help use later on in life helped create the world and have a talk all he. He nonstop from on lap time that is it. Part of this river adventure you're going to see. Lying spinning filed evidence of lizards everywhere. Try to get some of the Johnson can't see you see guys. We're brilliantly burglary vehicle is done it aids Gordon here because it's out of life what you would imagine. Eight government would certainly bring our top yeah. Line with sheik's links she. Well that's what they're going floor and you end date upwards of Disney so they Ali hello yeah. They felt they achieved it and ends up and what if you remember from the movie there were also that they're kinda like below waiting. I don't even know Ladoux lake. I'm the bush Celek kind of envelope on the ground from the ceiling see as their here in their beautiful and then also if everything that it doesn't look like it here. Big giant blue deer they're here as well they've done a great job. Integrating not only plants real life wax on the plants from Andorra that they've been able to create. No sense is that green news in all kinda works together and you're right dad and he's just pretty fantastic. Averaged nearly. O'Grady thanks here I mean I added a art and it's free and Maurice Greene I'm Nora the world how. The plane and even this story starts at. Generation out. Here and enjoyed them. Makes you don't want any. I. Unity don't know anything about avatar the movie hanging out here and you'd be blown away. Did you do know enough appetite leading. However unlike any ever and a and his image ronning is unreal like we're getting. When asked now something that is just spectacular here. Comments on the. They isn't really his god. This time creating. Wow. And you're never had been don't know it and innings against avatar and did not need air buried in their giant there overnight the home. Know when you're trumpeting their and his bride UC she literally could reach John her arms are so long you can read. Helpless. Got no I don't think humans. Mary's story aren't. He moved. You know yeah I'm. It's very yeah. Other ride it around. Lines and I this morning. There's going to relax game. Employable. Ride leaking them to the families you sit down and you can guns. Eight in the life the beauty of the ride. And and then using that sound and it is home. It's an air conditioning which is important when you hate. There Ryan Grant me. Hey you yeah. Yeah I think I'll hear I think it. Yeah. Sold and I I had it and give back and I John I don't dance and I am. Exactly that and here I hated all of eyes and indeed you know anything about the movie you're going to be bluntly you don't know anything about me. He'd be doing away. Disney once again how. It hurt him I think we need every. I can't mitigate. Kids of all ages. From toddlers to. Uses the whole world news you love is because sometimes. Guys on this problem down and this is the perfect right he's. Very peaceful very beautiful in this morning other things there's really plays on the violence in essence of the planet only. Animals. It's really shine especially at night. And Aurora the the road avatar hear it again isn't much different art act not. During the day he painted beautiful including the closing out in the water all of night when it really comes flying with the lying in the Pollard. But we're seeing that night cabinet and can't get our. Great Britain out of cars so far and the best thing is like in the movie you don't have to be asleep like if you're sixty years. In a pond. I'm. It has everything you know this yet exactly. Exactly and dine and calls us. Eating your way through and or business lending. And lengthy. Antley. Analyst Leon. Evening everybody I'm you know otherwise have my training pocket you know side lines at night and Wednesday. It's mind even when your own app on it and they'll they'll. They'll related because of lights and hollers definitely you know and allies about how coming. I'm yeah. And beginning now. Adam well then you so much for joining us on this fantastic journey through the not be delivered. The do it.

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{"id":47618800,"title":"Take a boat ride through Pandora: World of Avatar at Disney World","duration":"8:12","description":"ABC News' Genevieve Brown and Scott Withers take a cruise on the Na'vi River Boat ride.","url":"/Lifestyle/video/boat-ride-pandora-world-avatar-disney-world-47618800","section":"Lifestyle","mediaType":"default"}