Las Vegas company takes yoga to new heights

One company is taking guests from the Strip to the Valley of Fire for a one-of-a-kind experience.
28:40 | 04/25/17

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Transcript for Las Vegas company takes yoga to new heights
I am Genevieve brown travel and lifestyle added Eric ABC news is I am here. In the Alley and fired I just twenty minutes away. From Las Vegas Strip. If he can leave this place is spectacular. I'm helicopter to get here if you can believe so. This is new experience at Las Vegas is called hell. And sure it's me is the pilot you've got us safely here Riley Trace so thank you so much for being here and this askew Tums. A little bit about the area missed the meeting or standing right now. When you are in the valley fire like you said it's not tough 46000. Acres we're only about fifty miles northeast of Las Vegas and not too far about it when he met a flight. But it is state park and it was the first parking about a. So when Meeks the rocks this incredible. Red color and he is still visually. Stunning never seen anything like it is it's the iron oxide gets that rust colored slip them or rent after the re animals. So you work for a company called maverick helicopters and it's that company that's running. How you it's just pretty new experience right yeah we've been offered enough for six months now and Steve buying that. People come in Las Vegas I mean. You know sometimes it can't make it synonymous with having a good time that people are getting more health conscious living on vacations and Abbott. Looking for like really. Incredible experiences yet to something that ordinary it's always the latest and greatest ideas that we just we try and notes and from accounts it's going. Oh really. Just the right out here. The senior eat was spectacular. That would be a not fear that would at that time will be on top of that. It's here. This a media class went with the heat and costs are six everybody's loved it so far and customers customers for sure I'll absolutely OK well I am actually going to you. Try the class excellent right Elaine thank you so much of a chance to get me accede to strip after this is ever. So I'm had over. Often on the rocks or taking issues op. I think that she once. This actually. The highest. In the valley of fire. And it's only accessible by helicopters so. This isn't something you can't just do because he had a group really one of the kind. So. Some people already got started on their yoga poses. I am going to talk now with Jeanne ray Gardner. Heat is the instructor he's found. Silent Abbas that's right it's nice to see society and I'm really looking part so the first I have to ask you guys. Let's silence and. Trust of boxing is actually cast. We have a partner came up with. It's a bus is actually a posture as us Russell's departure recently on your back it's also called in schools that. By the siren came and when we put the headphones on because at that point to actually noise pollution. And really become seeking an edge in the instructors regardless with the it would people. People 500 to put these although it would take an exercise in today insight. A little bit about I'm. Year personal background I understand that pat EU where it once and paralyzed. Yeah I had a severe back injury system let's find it pushed. To my vertebrae into a spinal cord when went all the way through. So really you'll there's got me back my feet for that reason I have a like type sentence with the opening of ten on long as I'm Obama feel will be teaching yoga practice. And how how have you been wet style how he says about it we started two years ago we're under thing and I wanna know a little bit a out. Doing yelled at them valley fire as opposed to doing it. Industry out and I can kind of guess what makes this so special I mean look around us obviously incredibly special but it is a special free. It's special for me size Abbas that we are sort of take go to places that traditionally should not be cracked and it really give people the ability to you know. More or less from beginner or black belt though here yogi we want to be able to facilitate it and open your eyes open everybody's eyes to you and healing modality of. So even appear begin apparently I have yet to add a few times before Adam. If someone's coming hare analogy but of course the whole experience you can tailor class two semis specific. I teach at a kindergarten but it bears Ph.D.s and underneath the sign and then they can go ahead and do their thinking as well. OK I would definitely be on the kindergarten. Level so I know that traditionally. This class of seventy. Yes OK Nolan out there wants to see mediocre for Saturday gotten an answer I understand. Still why we did yes I am slightly due. Saddam. And be supposed I can't own and an Ning being you know really seen. What you've got it right so that's my maps and other department and the little Mattson and I RA. We'll community not he's careful governing council placing fifth Volvo and in the void moon will be delighted. It's clear. It's. And it comes through their vehicles. RI. We'll simply start off tells us. Hips back into hero. Every people don't smoke. Handing out the nose mouth close. To maximize your body and your breath. And now slowly come up on all fours. Right leg straight back. Fletcher told Al Georgia man. And you hill toward the back. Averages tells rotation angle clockwise counterclockwise strategic a couple of times. Murphy. And now my slow point the write jokes and look forward. And left arm straight hate bird. Stabilizer corks are we must stay in here. And everybody in L crunch elbowed me. Ed Phillips did. NL correction. Thanks Alex. In her cringe. Excel at stake. Look forward. Left arm out to you left. Write me out to your right loss. Left and grabbed her right ankle. And you kick back kick up and you look up and kidnapping chestnut smile. Five. Fuller. Three. Traders ship boat. Left leg straight backed lectured towed out to a different view towards men separated those reluctant to ankle. Point the leftovers. Now right arm straight ahead. Nice and slow and have cracked double touches me. Thanks Felix did. You know crash. Thanks so extent. You know French. Excel extend. Look forward freaks. Right arm out to the right. Let me out to the left of boss. Right Ankara has left ankle. And you can back kick. It left. Should not suggest nice and hope for five. Fuller. Three. Too slowly relief ship blows. Put yourself back and it's outpost. That over. All right. Nice and slow look forward. Left arm high particular fingertips. And that left arm underneath the right thread the needle you gonna look to your right. Stretch your right arm all the way forward. Nice and slow. Bring your right arm behind the back. Yeah hit slowly start their eyes. Shrines. You're right leg lifts a vote. Forward. Three. Oh it's. So I could see. It. Regroup here we go back in the south. We'll going to go to opposite side right arm Ron. Right arm underneath the list. Beautiful. Nice and slow. Three left are behind your back. Right so write me. A half ago if and here is a book or work. Stabilized nice guys hold. Five. Four. Three America America true nice change. Released a post. Nice and slow. Coming up on all fours. Carlo tells downward dog. Look up towards a belly button. Put a smile in place. Right leg hot. Right need to you know total. Right now. Right knee right oval hole. Rightly talking. Rightly left Joseph blow hole. Right now Iraq. Right leg that. Lets let Iraq. Left knee into your nose hold. Let's let ally. Left they left oval hole. Let's live rock. Let me right elbow hope. Flick. Let big video. Nice flow. Between it and slowly walked. Away and in between. So the Comodo if it comes up last. Toed heels to give her ankle ball side by side. Nice afloat take it even Albrecht and carnival game. It and I'm reluctant to your fingers. To life. Block stretch up. At 2 o'clock right up. Slocum o'clock. Right here flat. Subject at all the body. It's eligible this. Nice and slow video backdrop. Body left tips right. Stretch it all over the right side your body. Inside out fingertips until balls to scan. You know back. Registry if we're department. Checked this arms. He did without breath pushing it forward and let it go back way back he might bold all right back backward. XL back. And now slowly bringing these. Bounced right. Ralph left. Our. Fingers. Grab your big toes. Advocate. Elbows out torture neighbor actor start double. Doubles towards a neighbor trucker. April. And back to old. Keep pulling double I'll pull more pull harder for. For too. Slowly really should votes to bring. For. Him and you're. Tolls come off. And agonies. We're gonna drop Bennett good deeds go. The question down there rock right rock left a couple of times. And they prayers indigenous elbows out. Eyes closed. Nice slow arms go apply for an assistant. That's so often left knee high I deplore. Your palm up toward the sky. Uncles it's right. Right arm drops back to back. Left and you should ask yourself are behind in the gulf your rights organized. I. For it three. Too slowly. Back to sir. Different elbows out. Arms up. We're gonna drop the right shoulder inside the right. The floor that Devoe. That dongle. Part. Drive to left arm behind your back. Right on rationing. And up against. Accident election order. Like object I got us. Just before very. Slowly really supposed. Nice slow have enough mark. Tank top floors. Push yourself back in its households and he's open why hits deals. A breeze. You know that you know about close. Next float they go forward. Girl drove down we're don't. Right leg up. Rightly itching and knows. It could be doing enhanced after right foot through. F bombs stays down on the floor and write articles time to go to a nearby fingertips. Beautiful. Slowly allow you left on the radar in the draft behind your back. Twist state park. Right arm high. Right arm out. Rightly expect I'd like. X envelope like cover. And help upward. Thanks Erica hill or don't don't. Left side that many top. Let me if you knows. Look at me doing extended from. We gonna Brett. The right pond dam and left arm goes off. Slowly. I left on the drop behind your practice it was deeper. Left arm. It just wrecked cars like. Mexico plate. And L awkward. Except our dog. Child foes. Take a break three feet Lois look. It now he knows. And not disclose. And actually slow. Corrupt old. Downward dog. Prices little look at between your hands behind it tolls or defeat in between us. Comodo way up. Pick up acts of look forward. Shift your body weight to your left foot. Right knee lifts up. Parent alto floor it. Left hander takes the right knee. Chest up your right arm goes straight back. Nice to slow eyes follow the right fingertips. If there. If you aren't particular god did it just it's just smiled back in the oath before. The period. Aides say right leg good object those legs up. Should the body weight to the right foot. Let me live up to fix the tolls. Toward the sky. Right hand. Takes a left knee and left dark. All the way and. Citibank announced slowly dig into high volume Binghamton. Over bundles. This come about. Forward arms. Leg up just smiled. For exit polls holds a 432. Slowly practice and after our sir. Giving thanks. And treat colds. Should the body weight that left foot right for them inside the camp. Or insight doc. Actually our second. Now slowly. And are your branches to grow. Now about your britches to blow. Before. Three. For too. Slowly. Back to your hearts and let it shake it a couple of times. Ship the body weight rightful. Lock the write me an effort to try to cast. Or inside of Iraq. And expecting our second tree boats. An outrageous. Grove. Slowly. Branches blow. For four. For three. To back the hearts and definitely a damn. Nice talking Shane. David Banks. We're standing series. Programs that. Toward the back. Perfect. We. And announced via nose mouth. Close. Really relax. Nice and slow. Put yourself outfit. Magistrate. They left me slightly. There. A that it. In Oslo they left arm and dropped to the fluently at the Pentagon. And the back twist before. Three. Too slowly gaze back to center. Lately there. Beautiful. They have the right thing that period. Details on foot. Did don't know. Right on go straight man. Slowly undermined handed up to the lured mr. Wright they got three more twists. Before it for three for two and slowly in the sport right leg Baghdad. Tape delay. Freeman is slightly being fingers. Took the big till the job he would. In brief. Pete lost loved. Heading out the nose. About Apple's. Trying to flex those dolls back up toward the sky. We're still feels await. Renewables like. A three. For two. Slowly release it folks. They flat relative back. Camping cross. That you write me bring you like me the army. Fletcher left tolls back to a deface. It got them out in Erin right there. First. Grade. Right leg families involved. Liked him thing across the thumbs. Out and bring him back and arm if bird. Right back towards things she accused in the calf muscle. Biceps bulging. 432. Slowly. Yeah. We'll just give yourself look cute got to Canon law to squeeze itself right elbows. Can watch it perfect stay calm. Grand finale. Things fingers. But get big toes they call a happy baby over to the free flow beneath there aren't perfect. Three. Deep blow a slow. In and out you know. So that relief ship. On. Live action mind body and breath. Dirty episode itself with a self Joseph. There too broken never too old to young. Never to anything for Kabila met start over. Greatest gift you can give this plan it. So. If we go gators district. Still to grab the self. The overnight or go look at the working. To continue that. Relationship with the Obama and I'll guarantee much but it didn't guarantee of better quality of life. There have been active relationship with the government because of activation due. In the most important mission we can reflect on what Everett. To find a good life and he always about the disconnect respect to minding your life and you put. Everything will always be one. When you are what give threatening injury. Make it different because in the end it's not always it would decreed that defines. That was then with a broken. Expense. Our feet projection guy that's gratitude. Self care self love. The most important almost. Thank you guys yeah. Yes. I can't believe it's across the did you know. So relaxed and so energized. All at the same time I tell you people. Stay up out Aaron. Your classic what you know Brit this experience lets them her Wendy feel. They feel like they battery but yet they feel like they recharge him really ready. We negotiate and we actually back to the real world yes we want to help people really all their power. You know neatly ice that it really am kind of a kindergarten you can and hope in me if that's sat it doesn't. But that's that he. I now that's significant it's just I know that her viewers. There's people. Can you do just sugar syrup undercut. I think they grab it right here. It's happy about it. Incredible. Amazing. Com. If you guys now. It's unbelievable. That's pretty much I discredit him. Well I added saying thank you and thank you so much counts profit thank you so much to have an average helicopters. This has been unbelievable. Experience and billions only in prostate yes cell thanks for watching guys take care how sick on the senate.

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{"id":47013617,"title":"Las Vegas company takes yoga to new heights","duration":"28:40","description":"One company is taking guests from the Strip to the Valley of Fire for a one-of-a-kind experience. ","url":"/Lifestyle/video/las-vegas-company-takes-yoga-heights-47013617","section":"Lifestyle","mediaType":"default"}