Secret hotel suite at historic Las Vegas casino

The Jackie Gaughan suite at the El Cortez is bookable by request only.
14:30 | 04/28/17

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Transcript for Secret hotel suite at historic Las Vegas casino
How can they ran out. ETV. Crew who was our case it would longing. Continues right there yeah. Yes I think is this RCN. EC. That. It's just. It's hard B. Two see Jack see and hear me eat it. Adam iceberg actor are me. Four. Ten. Christina he so much for me here. Any unit is already this looks. Very very. So. He shows. Sure. We'll Jack or loses his or his owners. And CE. As we. TV. Or she. Oh south. We're. This is. Boris yes yeah so he here he said he Tierney. He bought because you know in the 1963. He built this she is expansion. And he that your anger with his work early. And the actor's. Or so this is actually their home right so OK so. The heart pump is often the kitchen so can you show me that way. It's a pain. And what it. I love eight as it is time capsules in 1980. Possible it was. We're. She. He. Will all eyes are. Eat it SE UYC. How how it if she is happy. It. Dealer theater where it hurt just. We few weeks ago. Register of historic places. And bird. History and so while it's artifacts that hand businesses. Really. His knowledge to our previous homer of the history that we. So throughout the years she knows. Changing times fashion design style as we head to our national historic roots and over crowd this suite on receivers. They. Yes. It was built in 1941. Six years old this year. Some notorious mobster. Meyer. Ortiz. So let's go back it where Jack. Their basis. For this or. This. Witness. The wall coverings original or original. Light fixtures and original them literature is new furniture but it's modeled after. Jacki for. Okay okay so you know people who we're gonna come here. Be happening and here. It's if you answer. It is Fienstein. OK let me. I see this is often are over here but actually first semester by this photograph me talk a little bit about it. Pulitzer issue because as I said Jackie gone live here and he was really a pioneering gaming especially downtown Las Vegas may be the most influential game. Pioneer in Las Vegas certainly downtown and before this building was built across the street from a Jackie. You know every morning to come out here into this living space. And see all of his properties you know audio five casinos most of the land surrounding this casino and the others. And so he can no view his empire from here and and their stories of Jackie on a daily basis I get stories Jackie that was thrown to the people who played here and the employees. And images from real people person and every great man. So it's about it into what I wanted to ask you that exit is about the man himself if it sounds a lot and that when he passed away. Out. You wanted to her certain is living wearers it's him. Brian well the current owners we have seen him when they were long time partners Jack. Absolutely there's a lot of history there are usually of business partners. I'm but we've also found that. People want the authenticity in the history. Vintage Vegas for the way things used to be invaders everywhere along this war record all the time on this floor. We love that is like it was decades ago plays maybe even fifty years ago you're gonna see a time capsule. The family that owns this property has a hands on approached him to management. And so room and the owners and the director's role before it is you're getting a true countries' experience. And it now and it really so much so yes it's sweet it's literally time. Capital Anthony had not designed to look like its vintage frightened some places. It actually is this isn't real. You know I Edwards and travel industry for some time it seems to me that. People are in general looking for more authentic experience is more authentic hotel. Offers hands fitted perfectly you. What you. Wolf. For years ago we we kept two courtrooms. Just. Warned that historic deal. Architecture and and we're finding now that is. Tremendously. That Islam. One or corporate casino. You know you can only find this here it was literally always. This earth so Italian are standing as one of the guest rooms. All of the veterans these beautiful properties. Views and they've all been refurbished but again style objective for certain what proved. So speaking up casts and guest rooms. Looking I'm. This week this is an experience. You just go online. Now how that has actually says so. My hands EU. He opted you have to know first off this is kind of secret. It is Saturday yes I think every ET Al Adam that and you. If you go to web site and just contact us we'll regional directors we can. I was interviewed on a case by case basis a person by person days we want to be read by. People who appreciate and the space. And certainly special about her or small groups that we visited Britain. Seeing here is Annan has put. Acting at what he's trying to say is that everyone's getting hair doesn't matter how much money have you may or may not be able to stay here so. You watch this closely because you. I don't know if he actually so let's take a walking and keep going. The grew up and I have to say this is incredible that catches my night. This is sitting room. Have the advantage of them are on the walls but this would be your room that Alex Epstein when our owners design with a little more modern and other furniture here is going to be a little. Low or moderate but I think there's a great. Very much in the sections we. Beautiful view and opening sentence is fair economy child laps TEE is there color it's kind of contrast. She used the community he thinks of the rest of the sweetness is greater this is really really lightly. So this is let's move on and see what god here. This must be mapped. Members. There is some were purchased files you what and here. Yet what can you tell me about. Anxious about her at Nina she established and gassing the woman had a lot of it Dolan what was going on terms of the day or. Which is really sesame. This is all all the designs and there were were referred. And she was true objective. From what I've heard and remembered donors was agree. Eight and it it really. Hack it at tremendous influence. Right now in a Long Island care that was two dozen ports board idea and Jackie was poker room of yours. Employees stories of helping them. What are humans you wouldn't believe the stories. Players. Equally well with would get injured Boozman Jack you walk and caves. More Laurie. Gaming chips and he left the business and vote. We do a lot respect. And so that's how I guess that's why you're there are people who are going needless hair half due respect. Indeed this is Larry we could turn this into. Fibers and beautiful please just looking for. And generate revenue obviously. That is the goal the goal is give people we really do you bullet injuries burns. And it's the lapses. So we changed. It's never gonna so that we users. Absolutely hadn't considered it once it's gone sorry it's really important to keep it. This way at looking over your shoulder because I'm looking at. Amazing actor and a walk and its entrance over here to actually sit ins. Actors. I didn't let this is a dream after what if there's moments. She follows a cool. The were hit her and he heard me. He. It is. Me me me me me. English. And hair if you again you are at stake here this. We're pretty. Good did. It's. Eight. Also you talk. He'll. As he. It won't so yeah little. That's our pieces. Yes from one bacteria and. All these options have a similar view okay. Think a lot of energy. And parties lots. Charity is yes alchemy is not an answer. And after they passed pretty. Pretty big races. He dissent bottling and and the artwork a rat on him a little bit about what Connie and listening. This is one of my response. Friends of your show them. You know the thing I want most office properties about workers' contracts. You'll historical. Heritage the. And the free money center in the. I write down here as far as the passengers. All of these young. The hard. I created a huge hole. They found the door they. We're. I feel I think and keep the Latin who have never been to me hasn't gotten much thinner automatically. The stress thank them Y talk to people in the know the more I'm hearing at downtown. They spread evil enemy we love the strip this beautiful. You're really comes down to any value. Real experience. You'll. We will already was downtown. This expansion and freeways. See a lot of girls. Yeah. School here in. We supported a 100%. I. As Alley you know this. Really interest me. Now experience I I killings thank you eat I think I'll. ITunes and he's seen 88 times that they keep snow so this is so much time. Mothers act that these fees each. Prairie. Is and it's fantastic thanks everybody for watching.

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{"id":47090782,"title":"Secret hotel suite at historic Las Vegas casino","duration":"14:30","description":"The Jackie Gaughan suite at the El Cortez is bookable by request only.","url":"/Lifestyle/video/secret-hotel-suite-historic-las-vegas-casino-47090782","section":"Lifestyle","mediaType":"default"}