Cam Newton's response to female sportswriter sparks widespread backlash

The Panthers QB has since received harsh criticism for his remarks on Wednesday.
2:41 | 10/05/17

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Transcript for Cam Newton's response to female sportswriter sparks widespread backlash
Well we're already seeing the fallout from Carolina Panthers quarterback cam Newton's controversial and sexist comments to a female or Porter a major sponsor. Is now pulling its advertising. After that's it's funny to hear he moved some of them. Ralphs. Food. Not that many people laugh and but it Panthers spoke about his remarks sports anchor Brian field is here with the latest Brian and I. The question everybody is asking today guys is what was he think what does he think that is the question we want to know the answer to cam Newton's comments. To be Charlotte Observer is Jordan Rodriguez may have caused quite the shock waves throughout the sports world and with the media who cover it. One of Newton sponsors danys that they will no longer work with the Panthers quarterback saying they felt quote. Shocked in disheartened by comments they perceived as sexist. And disparaging to all women would other fallout will come from this remains to be seen but the NFL also released a statement last night saying quote. The comments are just plain wrong and disrespectful. To the exceptional female reporters and all journalists. Newton did not address the media today but Panthers head coach Ron Rivera sure did and he had this to say. I think Kim made a mistake. I understand he had a conversation. Wary pretty much said that he has. Should say what he said. And done. So. As far as I'm concerned when elected news talk about getting ready for the short lines we plow some. Well what's troubling about all of this is we have yet to hear an apology from Newton himself so it's hard to talk about just football the Panthers. Released a statement last night singing Newton at red re gate. Had had a conversation about it after words in Newton expressed regret about using those words. The funny thing is read re gates says she did talk to Newton and that never happened there was no apologies so there's still a lot yet to be ironed out but. Cam Newton is 28 in a six season the NFL. In the bottom line is he should know better this is. As any this isn't the first on these talk to a female reporter before it's doubtful lives adjacent to she could total football is a viral picture of her toss in the foot but she knows the game it's ridiculous from Hussein and that's that. And another social media is reacting very good harshly and very Anders strongly strongly to it has any celebrities come out or any of football players yet but it chemical. I mean there are some sticking up for camp saying that he was just joking but either way whether he thought that was a joke or tried to make himself let you pointed out nobody else no when he said. And then there was really nothing funny about it very inappropriate and until we hear from him this is not an adult patient just gotten in front of them like today. Apologize. Or even get on Twitter he had a Twitter account one million followers and it still is that. I read somewhere that Dan and one of the conference is gonna drop them so Dan and a drop yeah news.

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{"id":50311419,"title":"Cam Newton's response to female sportswriter sparks widespread backlash","duration":"2:41","description":"The Panthers QB has since received harsh criticism for his remarks on Wednesday.","url":"/Sports/video/cam-newtons-response-female-sportswriter-sparks-widespread-backlash-50311419","section":"Sports","mediaType":"default"}