Man stranded in Arizona desert after car breaks down

Mick Ohman, stranded in the desert for two days, recorded the ordeal on his cell phone.
1:50 | 08/05/17

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Transcript for Man stranded in Arizona desert after car breaks down
If you find this phone and I didn't do so well. East. We sub district. True problem. Looking back now lots of little mistakes led to this moment. I didn't tell anybody where it was don't know I just got up. And I thought our border crime can to have lunch but after lunch Mick Ohman took the welded back roads toward home and bit off much more than is Honda CRV could cue cards as precious hour. This house travel. All alone in the desert no signal only a half bottled water couple Beers a spoiled sandwich and some crackers things got dire. I've really never thought thirsty for why try to swallow hook I had to urinate and it did hand. I was surprised it wasn't. And was innocent as obnoxious Shahzad thought it was going to be. It got in through the night on date to Mitt went hiking for water and miracles came true Sarwan grown in and that's when I phoned us. Any little stream I mean it couldn't have been more than four inches back in his car anything to signal help in my try to set afire. A trader early this morning and we're not right away with night falling on day two Mick was again out of water and the miracles return. It's coming down pretty nice and on day three make set out to find rescue hiking hours in the sun am running out of gas. Ready to collapse. One more miracle almost are not people will horizon. Prayer appeared. Mix guardian Angel a dirt biker named Troy an hour ride later statement lake pleasant screaming and is here the whole way. Should you know you could put your friends to being saved the life Mick alive to tell his wild tale.

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{"id":49055632,"title":"Man stranded in Arizona desert after car breaks down","duration":"1:50","description":"Mick Ohman, stranded in the desert for two days, recorded the ordeal on his cell phone.","url":"/Travel/video/man-stranded-arizona-desert-car-breaks-49055632","section":"Travel","mediaType":"default"}