Ann Coulter a no-show at raucous but peaceful Berkeley rally

VIDEO: Ann Coulters Berkeley speech
WATCH Ann Coulter's Berkeley speech canceled

Ann Coulter did not turn up in Berkeley where hundreds held a raucous but largely peaceful demonstration in her absence and lamented what they called the latest blow to free speech in the home of America's free speech movement.

The conservative pundit's cancelled appearance at the University of California, Berkeley drew hundreds of her supporters to a downtown park Thursday, many of them dressed in flak jackets, ballistic helmets adorned with pro-Donald Trump stickers and other protective gear in anticipation of violence.

But there were no major confrontations between Coulter's supporters and opponents.

However, police said numerous weapons were confiscated through the day, while there were a total of seven arrests, including five arrested by Berkeley Police and two by campus police.

Coulter had publicly floated the idea of making a controversial visit to Berkeley despite the cancellation, but did not show.

The Associated Press and ABC News' Alex Stone contributed to this report.