Hurricane Nate makes landfall along the Gulf Coast as a Category 1 storm

ABC News' Steve Osunsami reports on the storm from Biloxi, Mississippi.
4:43 | 10/07/17

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Transcript for Hurricane Nate makes landfall along the Gulf Coast as a Category 1 storm
I see docents Tommy we are in Biloxi Mississippi and behind me is US ninety. And in front of that highway as the Gulf of Mexico hurricane aid is now a category one storm it's about ninety miles south of here with the wind speeds of up to. Ninety miles an hour at its core. We've been watching this all day and all night. But I will say that for a hurricane that we've been expecting to bring what bring great storm surge to this region so far we really haven't seen. That much action not that much storm surge and certainly not that much rain. The forecast for storm surge and in some parts of this reason we're between 757. And eleven feet of storms are Edwards were expected in places. We are also expecting. Quite a bit of rain especially on the eastern portion of the storm were to pure it appears most most of the rain bands. Are located we have seen some tornado. Watches. Across parts of Alabama but no tornado warnings there have been a few reports of water spouts that have been seen in Alabama. But in New Orleans for example where that city was very concerned about storm surge flooding the city. A curfew that was that was that was put on earlier today has since been canceled by the mayor of New Orleans. And that's good news of course for that town that was very concerned about whether their pumps a dozen of which were working. We're going to be able to keep that city dry. We are still. A few hours away from the center of this storm hitting this region so things could change I just took a walk. To the gulf to the beach here just to take a look and wild bee while the waves and certainly moved up. Closer to the to the tip of the beach by no means are they anywhere close to covering the highway which is one of the things that we were concerned about. When we first arrived in Biloxi we actually were staying at a hotel when the casinos it's down the road. But all of the casinos were forced to close and hotel we were staying at was close. We ended up moving to the facility that we're at now mistletoe the rat now that is in front of the gulf along along ninety. We also had one of our producers who went two one of the L wal marts in town and reported that. They also were closing early and there were lots of people of course trying to stock up on supplies I think in this part of the region. This may have caught some people off guard a bit. But at the same time the the other reality is that. So far this storm hasn't presented itself in a way that would scare people into. Being that much concern. There is of course the chance that this area could lose power tonight because we are expecting those high winds to come to come through. Right now the center of the storm. Is expected to pass to the west of us as I understand it to the west of us. But our meteorologist tell us tonight that this storm is fighting for its survival it has already made landfall. At the mouth of the Mississippi it's expected to make a another landfall in another couple of hours where will then continue to weekend. It is moving fast at one point is leaving about 26 miles an hour in the National Weather Service. Has clocked this as the fastest moving hurricane ever to appear in the gulf. It's still moving at about twenty miles an hour and that's good news and bad news the good news for. Many of these the bid this area here is that this storm isn't going to linger in dropped rain it's going to move out quickly. And the bad news is that areas inland Birmingham and points north they're probably going to see a little bit more of this storm and they would have otherwise if it had if it had time to weekend. Over land so we're continuing to watch the storm were continuing dipped to watch it. Fight its wind shear as it continues to weaken because of that. The water temperature a closer to the two to the shoreline is a little bit cooler. Then it was 23 weeks ago so that's good news there was some concern that this storm might. Intensify all of a sudden that's not expected we're still expecting to be a category one when it hits here tonight. The center of it passing. Very close to here but all indications so far again so far. Appear to suggest that this might not be the the catastrophe that many people that fear. But as they always say it's better to prepare for the worse. So I'm Steve as a Tommy in Biloxi we're gonna continue to watch this tonight. Stay with us stay with ABC news be sure to catch us on Good Morning America and world news tonight tomorrow. He was it's on blogs.

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{"id":50348747,"title":"Hurricane Nate makes landfall along the Gulf Coast as a Category 1 storm","duration":"4:43","description":"ABC News' Steve Osunsami reports on the storm from Biloxi, Mississippi.","url":"/US/video/hurricane-nate-makes-landfall-gulf-coast-category-storm-50348747","section":"US","mediaType":"default"}