Celebrating International Rabbit Day

Have you ever been curious about adopting a bunny? World News Now celebrates one of the "hoppiest" days of the year with the team from All About Rabbits Rescue.
4:35 | 09/22/17

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Transcript for Celebrating International Rabbit Day
September 23 of an international holiday that's very near and dear to my heart. And Frank's heart because it is international rabbit de it not only is frank here to help us talk about the holiday but. He has a ton of friends of him today as low Libyan Barnett from the all about Ravitz rescue bay and thank you so much. For being here I know that you guys have a big adoption event coming up and so I just gonna want to talk through. A little bit about rabbit adoption Kai get I get asked so many questions about Franken it's amazing how little people know about what great pets rabbits can be I just trying to walk is there a little bit of some of the top where. Is that you get at the shelter OK Shirley. This is Sherri she was found in a park in Queens. It happens that she was stayed when we took it to the vat which is really unusual. This is Lola we took a from the New York City shelter where we are a partner. These two healthy girls and to the right we have now we in a Wahoo. Brother and sister they grew up together. They look like little stuffed animals. They're very skewed sense so one of the biggest questions I get is how long rabbits can live and I know that answer actually varies quite a bit. Yes brackets if well taken care of can live anywhere from eight to twelve years. That means proper diet proper exercise. Stimulation. And lots of love and attention right this is not a quick to three year pat when you're adopting this pet analog people ask about diet because you watch Bugs Bunny Bugs Bunny it's carrots people think gravity cared so how do you take care. Of a rabbit as pet. Well the most important aspect of their diet is hey. And it helps to move it dec justice system along. As well as it helps to trim their teeth in and then that talk a little bit about the affection they get because they all have their own little different personalities in courts and and a huge just so lovable he sits next to me on the couch she watches TV with me cuddled up next to me. And I are close a lot of videos on social media and people are always surprise I can't believe he's a bunny it's like he thinks he's a dog. Yeah always respond nobody to act like this to if you give them that affection they divvy them back so what is in the best parts about having. A rabbit as a pet OK well you know they do interact with the US and until bill niche you if you stop petting them which is very cute freckle outright just pay. It was kind of smacks you keep cutting me a lot of you know fun things about rabbits are the little antiques that they have they do the bunny 500 red. Frank does add a lot to take a full sprint. You can barely see him go there like a little cooler than just the just cute you know wish to have Q behaviors and their very curious and they're very curious and tell action want to go over to the exercise area because I want to shut. Some of the toys and some of things sure the buddies can do. They have they have a lot of fun and they really loved to explored so this isn't Maui and Oahu rests brackets needs stimulation they need. I'd nice large housing such as an ex Penn which can purchase online thing very inexpensively. The need to Heidi box. Something softer line on we have a tellem Heidi box we have a little dog bit over here of course litter box. And we. Advocates for rabbits having troubles because they can drink as much water is they needn't forces a bottle. Ends you can litter box train a rabbit frank has a cage but its always open and he is free range and our apartment just like a dog or cat his full run of the house. And he always just goes in his litter box and really easy pet to take care and respect so. Where what's the best place to go to get a body because pet stores sell them but that's not actually what you recommend. Right there is actually no reason to purchase a rabbit from a pet shop or breeder. There are thousands of rabbits on pet finder dot com we also have rabbit says so will about rabbits rescue dot org you welcome to visit our site to learn adopt Apple's. We adopt different from a rescues well. And the rescues are great because it can also help guide you through they sort of give you some starting lessons if your first time rabid owner. And the rabbits already will come neutered or stayed and you already well Melanie health issues they might have. So just all around a much better way to adopt a pet and you're taking in a pet that needs a loving home Vivian thank you so much for coming on you will thank them you know all you little herb all the other so cute I can't wait to play with them best friends. Thanks you all not only for visiting but also for help spreading more knowledge about adopting rabbits and you can find out. About adopting a body near you on our website W and and fans dot com and you can find more on pet finder dot com is velvety and thank you again and we'll be right back you're watching world news now. Speaking friends.

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{"id":50021936,"title":"Celebrating International Rabbit Day","duration":"4:35","description":"Have you ever been curious about adopting a bunny? World News Now celebrates one of the \"hoppiest\" days of the year with the team from All About Rabbits Rescue. ","url":"/WNN/video/celebrating-international-rabbit-day-50021936","section":"WNN","mediaType":"default"}