Celebrating the 'Sammies'

ABC News' Katherine Faulders reports from the Samuel J. Heyman ceremony, which is considered the Oscars of government service.
2:29 | 09/28/17

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Transcript for Celebrating the 'Sammies'
And. Look it's so we all know this when it comes to awards shows and awards you have the grammys the Oscars. The Emmys the world news now suckers there. Ten men yet. Truly honor. Now a different sort of awards show. This is for the country that millions of civil service here's ABC's cap and fathers but more. It's the Oscars of government service once a year America's best civil servants gather in the nation's capital for their black tie gala. This single. CME's former vice president Joseph Biden honored last year's winners. Most personal dream. Do so much from him. This year's seven winners were chosen from 26 finalists and more than 440. Nominees. One medal recipient US army veteran Rory Cooper. Has pioneered innovative wheelchairs with robotic arms enhance. His work was inspired by a bicycle accident years ago while serving in Germany. That accident left him paralyzed in in a wheelchair. We're in spot and every day by the veterans that Weezer. No one. Deserves war of our commitment. Every day than those that place themselves. In harm's way. This project has improved the lives of thousands of veterans who can now access different or read their wheelchairs could not. Secretary of veterans affairs David soak in there to celebrate. Other winners last night included a humanitarian response team recognized for their relief efforts in Syria and Iraq. In equipment develop our for creating a new generation of body armor for Marines. Ended deputy inspector general for leading an investigation into a massive IRS impersonation scam. Catherine fathers ABC news Washington. Catherine thank you in a partnership that puts this whole thing on as a nonprofit nonpartisan organization they say the goal is to make government more effective. I inspiring people want and that is definitely inspiring some of the work that they have been doing it's great that they have an awards show for the. Well that's news for this half hour from thoughts on FaceBook at Betty Lennon fans that come.

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{"id":50152389,"title":"Celebrating the 'Sammies'","duration":"2:29","description":"ABC News' Katherine Faulders reports from the Samuel J. Heyman ceremony, which is considered the Oscars of government service.","url":"/WNN/video/celebrating-sammies-50152389","section":"WNN","mediaType":"default"}