America Split on Airplane Cell Phone Use

Curling up for a snooze on the red eye? Imagine trying to drift off only to be kept wide awake by the person in the seat next to you having a lengthy and loud phone conversation with his buddy. What do most people really think of that chatty neighbor? A new survey released Thursday from the Bureau of Transportation Statistics outlines peoples' opinions - often strong ones - on cell phone use on airplanes.The data showed that Americans are divided on whether cell phones should be allowed on flights. It concluded that the younger set - people who are between the ages of 18 and 34 - are far more tolerant of cell phones on planes than older Americans, ages 65 and up.But although seniors are much less willing to think cell phone use should be allowed on planes, that data did not indicate a significant difference of opinion between younger and middle-aged Americans.Of those people under age 35, 48 percent think they should definitely or probably be allowed. Not drastically different, 40 percent of those people ages 35 to 64 said the same.Meantime, 27 percent of those ages 65 and up think cell phones should be allowed.One issue with the survey: We don't know how frequently - or if at all - these people questioned actually fly!-ABC News' Matt Hosford and Kate Barrett

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