Stephanopoulos: McCain Scaling Back in Wisconsin and New Hampshire?

ABC News' George Stephanopoulos reports: Democratic sources say the McCain camp may be giving up on New Hampshire and Wisconsin.

Instead of placing new television advertising buys in those states, they say the McCain campaign is stretching out previous ad buys over more days rather than devote new ad money. 

No denial from the McCain camp.  One source said simply, "We are on the air in those states."

Obama is leading McCain by 12 percentage points in Wisconsin and by 7 percentage points in New Hampshire, according to the latest polls.

With two weeks left until Election Day, Barack Obama holds a $37-million advantage.

Combined with funds raised by the Democratic National Committee, Obama started the final weeks of the campaign flush with $161 million, while John McCain and the Republican National Committee began October with $124.4 million to spend on the election.

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