Key Moments

This morning on "Good Morning America," Diane Sawyer asked me what I thought were the turning points of the campaign.

Here are mine: 

For John McCain, I think you have to go back to Sept. 15, just several weeks ago when McCain said this: "The fundamentals of our economy are strong."

That was as the financial crisis was just starting to unfold, and it cascaded through the month of October.

Look what happened to the polls. On the day that McCain said the fundamentals of the economy were strong, the polls were split 47-46 percent for Obama.

Since that crisis, since the debates, the polls have opened up to a nine-point lead for Obama. It's been that way for the last several weeks.

For Barack Obama, you have to go much farther back.

It's a tale of three speeches.

#1: The speech in Oct, 2002 when he was just a state senator but he came out again the Iraq war. That gave him the issue against Hillary Clinton and all the other major Democratic candidates in the primaries.

#2: July 2004. John Kerry makes him the keynoter, makes him a national celebrity.

#3: Finally in March of this year, when his campaign was in peril because of his ties to Rev. Jeremiah Wright. Obama made that remarkable speech in Philadelphia about race and his own journey, and his relationship with Wright. That held his campaign together. A very key moment.

--George Stephanopoulos

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