Blagojevich is Obama's Best Character Witness

The Obama team seems more annoyed than anxious about this investigation.

They are dumbfounded by how brazen and delusional Gov. Blagojevich appears on these tapes, talking about running for president in 2016 at the same time trying to sell a Senate seat.

But the Obama team aren't worried that anything will come up here that will put the president-elect in a bad light. And the irony here, of course, is that Blagojevich is Obama's best character witness.

The Illinois governor is just so angry on all of these tapes about the fact that he's not going to get anything from the Obama team, even resorting to calling him a "mother******" and saying of the president-elect"F*** him."

Obama's former chief strategist and incoming senior White House adviser David Axelrod put out a statement yesterday saying he misspoke during a Fox News interview where he had said that Obama spoke to Blagojevich about his senate seat. 

That Obama did not speak to Blagojevich directly is backed up by my sources inside the Obama transition.

However Obama's move from "we" to "I" in his press conference denying he had any conversations with Blagojevich is telling.

That's because he can't be sure that no one connected to him in any way spoke with Blagojevich or his emissaries. The reason they can't talk about it publicly right now, they say, is because this is an ongoing criminal investigation.

They also want to make sure they have their stories straight before they come out and say anything more.

The one thing they will say unequivocally is that President-elect Obama did not speak to Blagojevich directly.

And that clearly, Blagojevich did not get anything from the Obama team as he was trying to bait the hook.

--George Stephanopoulos  

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