Too Much Legacy in The U.S. Senate?

There's been quite a lot of commentary in recent weeks that the U.S. Senate is starting to look a lot more like the British House of Lords.

There's the possible appointment of Caroline Kennedy to Sen. Hillary Clinton's Senate seat.

And Vice President-Elect Joe Biden's son, Beau, 38, is rumored to be interested in a 2010 bid for the longtime Delaware senator's seat.

In an exclusive interview airing Sunday on "This Week," I asked Vice President-Elect Joe Biden about his son, and whether he supports Caroline Kennedy's bid for Sen. Hillary Clinton's New York Senate seat.

"Look, I love Caroline Kennedy. I think Caroline Kennedy is an incredibly talented woman. I think she's an incredibly talented person who has a lot to offer," Biden told me.

But, he said,  "That, that's for the people of New York to, to make ... For the governor, and, eventually, within two years, the people of New York to decide whether the governor's judgment was correct." 

When I asked Biden about whether his son, Beau, 38, will run for his seat in 2010, Biden said he hasn't decided yet. If he does, Biden said, he'll earn it.

"Look, he's attorney general of the state of Delaware. They're looking at him, he's getting great grades. This is in terms of what he's done. He's doing it," Biden said. "You know, his judgments, good or bad, aren't because his name is Biden. I mean, people can judge him based on what he's done. "

--George Stephanopoulos

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