Why Hasn't Joe Biden Resigned His Senate Seat?

In our exclusive interview airing this Sunday morning, I asked Vice President-Elect Joe Biden why he hasn't resigned the Senate seat he's held for almost 40 years.

Here's what he said:

GEORGE: "President-elect Obama resigned from the Senate. Why haven't you?"

VP-ELECT JOE BIDEN: "Two reasons. One is that, from my perspective, I shouldn't acknowledge it, but being sworn in for the seventh time as a United States senator from Delaware, the greatest honor I've ever had is the people of Delaware electing me. And ,  and it will in no way effect the seniority of the person who will follow me, number one. Number two, there was a period there when it was thought that it may be useful for me to be in the Senate, in terms of some of the votes that were going to be cast in the Senate that may have been very close, that would have been consistent with our incoming administration's position that I could have been voting on those. It turned out that did not occur. So they're the two reasons why I didn't..."

GEORGE: "But you're not going to stay on and try to preside... "

BIDEN: " No, no, no, no, no, absolutely not. I've already -- if I haven't done it -- to be honest with you, I think I've done it, but if I haven't done it, I've signed a letter, will sign a letter saying, notwithstanding the fact I'll be sworn in the first day, I have no intention of staying up until the day that I am sworn in as vice president. Secondly, I yield responsibility to the Senate Foreign Relations  Committee to John Kerry. No, I have,  no. " 

--George Stephanopoulos 

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