Axelrod: Geithner Will Be Confirmed Despite Tax 'Mistake'

During our interview on "This Week" incoming White House senior adviser David Axelrod defended Tim Geithner, arguing he believes Congress will confirm him after his testimony this week.

President-elect Barack Obama's choice for Treasury Secretary, Tim Geithner, revealed this week that he neglected to pay about $34,000 in back taxes when he was working at the IMF.

"He has paid those taxes, George, when it was pointed out that he had made a mistake on his taxes," Axelrod told me.

"The mistake he made which was when he was overseas serving our country in the IMF, everyone agrees it's a common mistake that people working overseas make. He's corrected it," he said.

"I think when people look at Tim Geithner though, they should look at a guy who has devoted his life to public service, who was an integral part in solving another international financial crisis in the '90s and has vast experience and great insights. He is precisely the kind of person we need in the Treasury right now. And I think when people get to know him, he's going to testify  this week, I think he's going to inspire great confidence."

--George Stephanopoulos

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