Caroline Kennedy Drops Out

Here's what we know: Caroline Kennedy's advisers and friends believed she would be appointed to Hillary Clinton's Senate seat later this week, and were working with New York Gov. Paterson and the intermediaries on the roll out.

They fully expected it to come.

But then sometime early yesterday evening, around the time Clinton resigned her Senate seat, Kennedy called New York Gov. Paterson and said she was withdrawing for personal reasons.

Now, that set off another flurry of activity where it appears that some on Paterson's team tried to convince her not to withdraw.

The Associated Press then reported Kennedy was not withdrawing. But then there was another conference call just around midnight, and Kennedy finally, finally withdrew.

Her team put out a statement saying ... it was over, she is out, it is done.

All we know from her camp is that the reasons for her dropping out are "personal."

--George Stephanopoulos

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