Obama Faces GOP Fight on Stimulus Plan

President Obama is going to be meeting with Republican House members and senators on Capitol Hill today because he's not getting the bipartisan support for the stimulus package that he wanted.

The bill is to be debated in the House today and voted on tomorrow. It could get very few, or no Republican votes right now.

Republicans argue there is way too much spending and not enough tax cuts.It's unlikely that the president and the Democrats are going to change the package right away.

But as this bill moves through the process, they are going to be working very hard to get more Republican support. So they may take some of the GOP ideas ... particularly on business tax cuts, and also drop some of the spending that has really been a target.

For example, several hundred million for family planning services and contraception ... and $200-million to refurbish the National Mall.

That type of spending is likely to be eliminated as this moves through the House and Senate.

--George Stephanopoulos

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