Bipartisan Group Working on Stimulus Amendments

President Obama isn't going to get the 80 votes in the Senate that he originally wanted on the stimulus bill.

The president is starting to agree to changes in the bill, taking out some of the more unpopular spending and increasing some tax credits.

Obama just called the Democratic leaders into his office this afternoon and told them to focus tightly on job creation in the stimulus, and get it done.

There's a group of centrist Democrats and Republicans in the Senate who are working now on amendments that might increase infrastructure spending, do more for housing, and, perhaps, bring down the overall cost to the bill.

It's unclear which amendment will be approved when debate starts tomorrow in the Senate. But signs are that there will be enough changes to draw at least a handful of Republicans to support the legislation.

And the White House still planning on signing the stimulus package into law around President's Day.

--George Stephanopoulos

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