Tweeting Obama's 100 Days

All of us in the media have been weighing in on Obama's 100 Days, but I wanted to know what's on your mind.

So I asked folks via my Twitter page yesterday to summarize -- in 140 characters or less - what  they thought were Obama's hits and misses of his first 100 days.

It's a kind of unscientific snapshot of how folks on Twitter are feeling about the first 100 days of the Obama administration.

Below are 100 of your responses.

--George Stephanopoulos

GStephanopoulos: Hits-misses of Obama's 100 Days. Let us know your list. To air on ABC

gracepap@GStephanopoulos MISS....the "special olympics gaffe"

rhw007@GStephanopoulos no FBI tapes of Pentagon from 9-11 while we get torture pics and memos...suspicious. Why Bhagram STILL under Git-Mo rules?

  pol922@GStephanopoulos Definite hit: Extending his hand to our enemies. The bully pulpit didn't work, maybe an open hand will.

  lifewillnotwait@GStephanopoulos Hits: improved perception of USA globally and quick decisive action(s) on economy. Miss:some cabinet selection issues

  pol922@GStephanopoulos Definite miss: Releasing torture memos. For what purpose? It undermines our national security.

libreality@GStephanopoulos Still no Sebelius, especially during this Swine flu situation is definitely the worst part about the admin thus far, G.

JackWOrf@GStephanopoulos I don't think much of Obama's first 100 days. Low flying airplanes and tax-cheating cabinet picks highlight incompetence.

michaeljcitak@GStephanopoulos Obama's miss- Giving his first television address to the muslim nations. What about the people who elected him?

  phpieri@gstephanopoulos misses: nomin of Daschle for health care, staffing of Treasury, shovel-ready projects

phpieri@gstephanopoulos hits: stimulus pckge, rollback interrog techniques, closing Gitmo, int'l US standing + G20 summit, framing end of Irak war

dzemog@GStephanopoulos Whether or not I luv all his policies (many I do), what I do luv is that he willingly takes responsibility and ownership.

missp50@GStephanopoulos POTUS100:Undrestimate econmy,planning 4the worst unemplyment,jobless recovery,Stim Pak DOA,demise of GM &Chrysler,4closure

  EvaTwits@GStephanopoulos Misses: Afgh./Pakistan Hits: Cuba, Captain saved from pirates Concern: budget deficit

  nhgator@GStephanopoulos George, Obama has been brilliant. Please don't do a FOX on him!-Lisa

randy80302@GStephanopoulos Laughter and snark about Marijuana question from online community. Wasn't it the ol community that worked to elect him?

  yays25@GStephanopoulos we need to see a bit of ur private side, news side is great, but what is the real George like?

  PithyOne@GStephanopoulos #1 miss, he got elected.

roadchickie@GStephanopoulos my top 2: hit- Cobra assistance up to 9 months for the unemployed. miss- appointing Geitner as TS - so far, not so good.

  cindyrousselle@GStephanopoulos Biggest miss for me. Stimulus package. Doesn't seem to have learned a thing from the bailout.

  BJFJR@GStephanopoulos Also, Ahmadinejad's question about what price Europe paid for the Nazi genocide was interesting twist and no answer by you

pmoallemian@GStephanopoulos Miss: Expanding the Afghan occupation, his biggest mistake, so far.

pmoallemian@GStephanopoulos Miss: Creating the phoney term "combat troops" to avoid committing to full pull out of all our "occupying army" from Iraq

  warlock817@GStephanopoulos The stimulus package and his foreign policy... bit hits!

  pmoallemian@GStephanopoulos Miss: Ending illegal wiretapping program on all Americans immdiately.

  pmoallemian@GStephanopoulos Miss: Protecting the rights of detainees in Bagram Base, Afghanistan.

9807home@GStephanopoulos Less goverment not more, talk is cheap and that seems like all he does is talk..I know he thinks it is his strong point NOT

  blackbirdmom@GStephanopoulos hit and misses. Lots of obama messes and misses. Fly ov ers, runaway spending, teleprompters.....

tinaharkey@GStephanopoulos, I think the mistake that showed his unprepardness for office the most was deciding to close gitmo without a plan first.

  hotfile@gstephanopoulos misses: Daschle appointment, Chavez handshake, AIG bonuses

hotfile@gstephanopoulos re: obama hits & misses hits--G20, Fugate/FEMA, releasing torture memos, lifting stem cell research ban

9807home@GStephanopoulos I personally want him to stop having so many press conferences back off a bit, getting burned out on speaches.

dianewms@GStephanopoulos How can Obama's search committees not have properly vetted all the nominees who ended up with tax issues?

chelsea2113@GStephanopoulos Obama's been hit with just about every crisis imaginable and now possible pandemic! He's number one on all counts!

tarajackson@GStephanopoulos MISS: Some dork in his Admin. deciding to fly planes over NYC for a "photo op" & keeping it a secret. FAIL

  xexc@GStephanopoulos miss: trading problems in Iraq for afganistan we should protect Pakistan instead can never win this old war

  xexc@GStephanopoulos miss: if financials failed they would have solved their own problems. govt never really fixes anything just screws it up

JoePolitic@GStephanopoulos Misses: Not selling the surge in Afghanistan (it's Osama, stupid), keeping Sec Geitner, fluid econ policy, appt Tom Dashcle

JoePolitic@GStephanopoulos Hits: Keeping Sec Gates, Stem Cell Funding, Lifting Foreign Medical aid restrictions, increased governmental transparency

brookemellison@GStephanopoulos Miss: Obama did not go far enough,or live up to his campaign promise in his stem cell policy by limiting it to IVF embryos.

  xexc@GStephanopoulos miss:economic stimulus doesn't help the people, only corporations they're not passing it down

xexc@GStephanopoulos hit:funded all democratic social programs with emergency money

lkmcland@GStephanopoulos Hits - Econmy,pirate incident/Misses - "looking forward" on torture,absolving those involved who wr "just following orders"

spinkyfunoozer@GStephanopoulos I'm in no position to judge, especially in only 100 days, I'm still in shock he took/wanted the job. I'm grateful for that

kksnyder@GStephanopoulos A hit: Leadership. Takes responsiblity. Articulates direction/priorities. Seems to balance a lot of issues effortlessly.

jghsmith@GStephanopoulos Miss = real bipartisanship, not just lip-service. Hit = merit pay for teachers being in the discussion.

  thoward2009@GStephanopoulos MISSES: All his Cabinet picks that illegally defrauded the government by not paying their taxes!!!

CT_RichEnglish@GStephanopoulos Obama MISS= No FOX coverage of 100 day press conference! Obama HIT= No FOX coverage of 100 day press conference!

  thoward2009@GStephanopoulos HITS: Cabinet picks Clinton and Gates... acknowledging he was wrong all along on the Iraq War!

JennieLG29@GStephanopoulos Restoring America's standing in the world just by being the articulate, thoughtful, brilliant person that he is.

  DavidJLieto@GStephanopoulos Too much money going out, fear for 70s-style inflation

pauldeman@GStephanopoulos fav moment: trip to Turkey. Best appointments: Hillary and Gates. Biggest surprise: Michelle. Worse moment: Daschle.

chazweber08@GStephanopoulos Hit: steady foreign policy (Iran esp.). Miss: All that pork while simultaneously being outraged at exec compensation.

RBELLIS13@GStephanopoulos: A BIG miss of Obama's 100 Days. His less than enthusiastic public support of EMPLOYEE FREE CHOICE ACT. Thnx 4 nothing O!

  BarbLG@GStephanopoulos Canadian here.. and Obama has raised my level of respect for America.. I bet I'm not alone

noahhock@GStephanopoulos ... no huge successes, but steady work on everything. Gitmo, health care, stimulus, Iraq. Everything's still on the table.

  dashpr@GStephanopoulos One negative for Armenians - Obama hasn't recognised the Armenian Genocide yet as pledged

noahhock@GStephanopoulos 100 Days: Maybe it's because I voted for this Pres., but it seems like Obama's made progress on most of his promises...

Kaystephen@GStephanopoulos tech savvy Administration doesn't know out how to make photo op with Photoshop? Waste of $$ and terrifying half of NYC?

BuckOfama@GStephanopoulos Obama misses. The Non-Stimulus Bill, Chavez Handshake, Calling American's terrorists instead of the islamic facists.

    pauldeman@GStephanopoulos Hits: leadership, tone, engagement, focus on science and tech, gitmo, torture memo, Iraq. Misses: Af/pak, bipartisanship,

lynnsii@GStephanopoulos Misses:Too extreme, no middle ground: Release top secret docs?bowing?apologizing?trillions in debt spending? to name a few

  icupkn@GStephanopoulos it was definitly a miss when obama bowed to the saudi king

textrish@GStephanopoulos Misses: Pushing through bills full of Dems pet projects (environmental) & special (earmarks from both partys) projects.

sabrina95123@GStephanopoulos What can you accomplish in 100 days...? The republicans should have thought of the Tea Bag scheme with late now.

JacquiBB@GStephanopoulos I think Obama's biggest plus has been his interface with the global community. We are liked and respected again!

chiefgee01@GStephanopoulos - Pres hits: final decision not to pursue Bush admin, communication- #press conf. Misses: Cabinet vetting, spending, chavez

sabrina95123@GStephanopoulos Unlike George W. Bush, President Obama is at least trying to fix all that is broken with this country.

wolfman07@GStephanopoulos Obama's biggest hit in the first 100 days is how he has restored America's standing in the World. Miss: overspending.

  foodallergymama@GStephanopoulos love love love obama...but a big miss was allowing that 747 to fly thru manhattan with a fighter jet following...

  Ogre_Kev@GStephanopoulos Of the misses, my biggest has to be the absolute failure to live up to his "transparancy" pledge.

  WillRogersPaper@GStephanopoulos Miss -- being more transparent with how TARP is actually spent and who is getting it and why?

  Ogre_Kev@GStephanopoulos Ironically, one of the biggest hits is the misses ... Mrs. Obama, that is.

dvplanetwaves@GStephanopoulos How about any youth for youth programs to protect the environment and green solutions to stimulate jobs and the economy.

MichaelDreyer@gstephanopoulos @nbcjoe Hmmm...Did the gov't of Mexico know about swine flu when the Obama admin visited? did the hide it?

  Ladywolf55RT @GStephanopoulos: Hits-misses of Obama's 100 Days. Let us know your list. To air on ABC.

  Ladywolf55@GStephanopoulos Hit: Closing Guantanimo. Miss: Opening Bagram to take it's place!

mldemmons@GStephanopoulos: Asking for opinions on Obama's 1st 100 days assumes an audience with no attention span. He's got 1460 - possibly 2920 days

  VMMoncrieff@GStephanopoulos piking out on gay marriage. though he always would.

indybikehiker@GStephanopoulos Return of sanity and conscience to leadership; confidence in the hearts and minds of more Americans than in a long time.

Summerca1@GStephanopoulos having money set to go for education to cover the cuts especially with the 11billion that CA governor did to education here 

crafthippie@GStephanopoulos - I think he's all hits based on the fact that he's cleaning up from 8 yrs of bush debaucle. started in a deep dark hole.

DrewConklin@GStephanopoulos Miss: Appointments. I understand the process, but it's hard to believe that the Treasury is understaffed in this economy.

sshahabi@GStephanopoulos misses, using "transactional diplomacy" as a platform to enter the Middle East rather than pursuing principles of democracy

  DBMC@GStephanopoulos Obama's misses: excessive arrogance, pledging to reduce deficit while increasing spending, dealings with Congress.

biocidal@GStephanopoulos : public loyalty, miss is how House star's character kissed the barrel of the gun, now he's in office? What does that mean?

sshahabi@GStephanopoulos hits - realising that the Middle East is more than Israel and that there is a new power shift in the region.

  joshbeaulne@GStephanopoulos ALL HITS! TOP 40 HITS!

sshahabi@GStephanopoulos hits - engaging Iran with a diplomatic tone that is more conciliatory. Now its Irans turn to step up to the plate.

  danavshelley@GStephanopoulos Hit: health insurance for kids! Thanks.

rickyrescue@GStephanopoulos Hit: He didn't get us into another war. Miss: Has yet to speak out on Gay Rights. (love the show btw. ^^)

vicnordgren@GStephanopoulos Obama Hit!! Restoring America's dignity to the world. Presenting competence, comprehension & compassion

CivilActivistRT @GStephanopoulos: Hits-misses of Obama's 100 Days. Let us know your list. To air on ABC

nickragone2@gstephanopoulos ... misses: the deficit and failed nominees

  rosierifka@GStephanopoulos HITS: all foreign visits, ledbetter, stem cell , Michelle and kids and especially BO!

StephenWinfieldRT @GStephanopoulos: Hits-misses of #Obama's #100Days. Let us know your list. To air on ABC

Monty64@GStephanopoulos Hit: made US politics sexy again. Miss: Shouldn't have let that Bo lead him up the garden path.

EricDahlstrom@GStephanopoulos MISS... It really seemwd like the stim bill was rushed through going against transparency poedge. For. Policy a hit so far

malasander@GStephanopoulos low flying planes in NYC financial district? MISS!!

  peibossman@GStephanopoulos he picked the proper Press Secy., Gibbs is enjoying his job....that's a first...

  whitj1966@GStephanopoulos mostly hits but the misses are not putting the GOP in check.

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