Liz Cheney and Sam Donaldson Spar on CIA Probe

A very heated debate this morning during the roundtable on AG Holder appointing a prosecutor to investigate CIA interrogation techniques on detainees.

Here’s the exchange between Sam Donaldson and Liz Cheney:

SAM DONALDSON: “As I understand it, the person, called the prosecutor, has been appointed to determine whether, in his option, there is grounds to proceed with prosecution, he will make a recommendations…he’s not prosecuting at the moment.”

GEORGE WILL: “And if he is to recommend yes, who is to say no?”

LIZ CHENEY: “But this investigation has already been done. This was looked for five years by career prosecutors. They decided not to prosecute except in one case where a contractor has been convicted and is in jail. In the other cases Leon Panetta himself has laid out to his employees that they took disciplinary action where they felt it was necessary at the CIA.”

“The other big danger here though is that we have investigated this all before, we are opening now what is clearly a political investigation and a moment when we need the CIA focused on keeping the nation safe. And there’s no question, but when you start talking about investigating and prosecuting… it is simply the case that their attention is not entirely focused on where we need it to be.”

For the full debate, Watch it HERE.

-George Stephanopoulos

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