Joe Biden as Paul Revere

The White House is already stepping up its game in advance of next year’s elections, which master Charlie Cook thinks could be a tsunami that sweeps out Democrats.

Outside advisers are being brought to help come up with a strategy. NY Governor David Patterson is being pushed out ( but will he go?).

And, as ABC’s Karen Travers points out, Vice President Biden raised the stakes today, saying that Obama’s entire agenda rests on what happens to those 35 House Democrats representing traditionally Republican districts.

Here he is in Delaware today:

“It’s not that Republicans are bad guys. This is just the bet they’ve made. They’re going to put their chips on movement in the 35 seats in the House that have been traditionally Republican districts and trying to take them back,” VP Biden said. “If they take them back, this the end of the road for what Barack and I are trying to do. This is their one shot. If they don’t break the back of our effort in this upcoming election you’re going to see the things we said we’re for happen.”

If the Democrats can hold those seats “the dam is going to break,” VP Biden said. “All the hidden Republicans that don’t have the courage to vote the way they want to vote because of pressure from the party … it will break the dam and you will see bipartisanship.”

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