McCain: President Will Make the Right Decision

Senator John McCain told me this morning that he spoke with the President yesterday on Afghanistan and said he’s “confident the president will make the right decision.”

Here’s the exchange:

STEPHANOPOULOS: Have you spoken directly to the President about your concerns?

MCCAIN: Yesterday.

STEPHANOPOULOS And what did you say to him?

MCCAIN: We had a good conversation as we always do, and I pointed out what the point I made earlier that - in Iraq the Malaki government is certainly failing and this election in Afghanistan is corrupt. There is corruption from the cop, the cop on the beat, to President Karzai's brother and that issue has to be address if we are going to succeed. But we are not going to have a chance to succeed if we withdrawal. And by the way, we really got a status quo with General Mullen and McChrystal say it’s not succeeding or we can implement this new strategy which is really an old strategy called counterinsurgency or we better get out.

- George Stephanopoulos

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