Obama's Media Blitz

Is it working?

Here's the roundtable's take...

Gillespie: “I think he's diminished the impact of his -- of his office a little bit with the overexposure.”

Brazile: “Effective communicator…clearly trying to get through his message through all the clutter”

Noonan: “It's boorish, and it makes people not lean towards you, but lean away from you.”

Reich: “He is taking the initiative. He knows that if there's any lull right now, his opponents are going to jump into that lull. And it's very important that he educate the public about what's going on.”

Will: "It was a concession to avoid a bigger concession. Every president, when he has trouble selling an idea, says, "Nothing wrong with the idea. It's the packaging that's wrong. People have seen too little of me."

Watch the full exchange HERE.

- George Stephanopoulos

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