Arnold's Veto Message: An F*** You to S.F. Lawmaker?

Arnold gives as good as he gets.

My colleague, ABC News' Teddy Davis, has more:

Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger (R) is raising eyebrows in California for issuing a veto message that spells out "f*** you" in the left-hand margin of the page.

The former action star's f*** you message came when he rejected Assembly Bill 1176, legislation which would have expanded the financing powers of the Port of San Francisco.

The bill was unobjectionable to legislators of both parties: it sailed through the Assembly and state Senate on unanimous votes.

It was vetoed, however, by Schwarzenegger who said in his message that he considers it "unnecessary" to sign the bill at this time because another year has gone by without the legislature tackling big issues such as water reform, prison reform, and health care.

While the surface-level message is one often articulated by Schwarzenegger, if you look down the left margin of the page, the first word begins with the letter "f" and the last begins with the letter "u."

Read the veto message HERE.

The sponsor of the bill was Tom Ammiano, a Democratic member of the State Assembly who recently heckled Schwarzenegger when the governor made a surprise drop-in at a San Francisco Democratic Party fundraiser.

As previously reported by ABC-7 in San Francisco, Ammiano shouted "you lie!" to Schwarzenegger during the event at the Fairmont Hotel, before adding: "kiss my gay ass" as he walked out.

Ammiano, who said afterwards that he has no regrets, was upset with Schwarzenegger about the impact that his budget cuts have had on people in San Francisco.

Although it's hard to imagine that the double message was not intentional, Schwarzenegger's spokesman is maintaining that it was just an innocent accident.

"It was a weird coincidence. We looked at other veto messages and saw the left margins spelled things like 'soap' and 'ear.' Weird," Schwarzenegger spokesman Aaron McLear told ABC News.

The double message was first discovered by the San Francisco Bay Guardian.

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