Bloomberg Backs ObamaCare

Mayor Michael Bloomberg continues his efforts to keep President Obama on the sidelines for the remaining four weeks in his reelection battle against Democrat Bill Thompson.

My colleague David Chalian has more on Bloomberg’s full embrace of President Obama’s health care reform efforts:

The Republican turned independent Mayor who is seeking a term-limits defying third term on the Republican line in overwhelmingly Democratic New York City, issues a written statement strongly supporting President Obama’s health care reform efforts.

“The health reform proposal that Congress will shortly consider is shaping up to merit broad, bipartisan support,” said Mayor Bloomberg.

“The approach has great potential to reduce costs for families, businesses and government at every level over the long term, while extending coverage to many millions of the uninsured and investing in proven, cost-effective public health strategies. This is an approach that Republicans, Democrats and Independents can and should support,” he added.

Most interestingly, Bloomberg wholeheartedly adopts the Obama White House definition of “bipartisanship.” President Obama, Rahm Emanuel, David Axelrod, and others in the administration have publicly argued that bipartisanship is not simply determined by the final vote count on health care reform, but also on the president’s outreach to Republicans and the inclusion of some Republican ideas in the various bills winding their way through Congress.

After sharing various stages in New York with Bill Clinton, Hillary Clinton, and Al Gore a couple of weeks ago, Bloomberg follows that up with this embrace of President Obama’s Number One agenda item.

President Obama’s support for the Democratic mayoral candidate Bill Thompson has been nonexistent .

The billionaire frontrunner is clearly looking to keep it that way.

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