Health Care: CBO Numbers Are In (Almost)

That’s the word from Democratic sources. Senator Reid hoping to get final analysis sometime today, to be shared with leadership team and full Democratic Caucus today and tomorrow.

Sources who’ve seen what CBO has produced so far are encouraged, saying the CBO will give Democrats and the White House enough reassurance on cost control, the deficit and coverage to get this bill to the floor.

We’ll see.

Meantime, Republicans reading the latest Washington Post-ABC poll say: bring it on.

The poll shows that public skepticism is hardening. Most Americans believe that reform will make their own health care worse -- especially on the key issue of cost -- with 54 percent fearing their own costs will rise, and 56 percent believing the costs to the country will increase.

Irony alert: two of the most popular provisions -- the public option and an employer mandate -- are the items most likely to be dropped or substantially modified by the Senate.

WH officials are resigned to the fact that public opinion won’t move much in the near term.

Their hope: once the bill is signed into law, the public will reward them for delivering on a big promise. But can they deliver on the details?

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