Manchester’s New GOP Mayor Hears from 2012 Hopefuls

If you have your eye on the White House, it's never too early to tune your ear to New Hampshire.

ABC News’ Teddy Davis reports on which Republicans are already working Granite State phones:

If you want to know who is well organized when it comes to 2012, it’s sometimes useful to look at who stays in close touch with powerbrokers in the early nominating states.

So who has Manchester’s newly elected Republican mayor heard from so far?

“I don’t know who is running for president but I don’t mind telling you who has called,” Manchester Mayor-elect Ted Gatsas told ABC News at 5:15 pm ET on Wednesday. “I have gotten a couple of calls during the course of the day. Mitt Romney called and Tim Pawlenty called and Gov. Pataki called.”

Romney, the former governor of Massachusetts who ran for president in 2008, and Pawlenty, the current governor of Minnesota who is not running for re-election in 2010, are widely viewed as two of the most active potential candidates at this early stage of the process.

Former New York Gov. George Pataki (R) is being urged by major Republican donors and the party apparatus in Washington to run against Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand (D) in 2010. While he has not made a final decision on a Senate run, Pataki has told at least one major GOP donor in private that he is not interested in becoming a senator at the age of 64 and would rather run for president in 2012.

When Gatsas was elected to the New Hampshire state Senate last year, Romney and Pataki campaigned on his behalf. Since then, Gatsas says that they have become friends.

As for which of the potential candidates he favors in 2012, Gatsas is not choosing sides at this early date.

“They are all going to be coming to New Hampshire and that’s a great thing. That is a wonderful thing for the state,” said Gatsas. “They will meet the voters of this great state. They’ll answer the same question a couple of times and voters will get a chance to look them in the eye.”

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