No Statehouse Run for Hillary

The rumors have been persistent. Scurrying around like rats in the darkness. Hillary’s unhappy at State. Talking to the big money types about a run for Governor. She’s the party's only hope.

Well, today, the lights came on and the rumors scattered to their death, when I asked the Secretary of State if she was talking to people about a possible run for Governor:

CLINTON: No, no, no. That's another one of those stories that never will die and I hope maybe we can put it to rest today. No, I am committed to the job that I have. It is an extraordinarily important time to be the Secretary of State of my country and to work with President Obama in trying to pursue our interests and advance our values around the world and that's what I am going to continue doing.

STEPHANOPOULOS: So that rumor is dead. You're not running?

CLINTON: That rumor is dead. And if you can please, you know, put it in a little box and send it off somewhere I'd appreciate it.

Watch the exchange HERE:

- George Stephanopoulos

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