George Will on Tiger: 'People Are Going To Forgive Him'

Though Tiger Woods announced an indefinite leave from professional golf, George Will expects to see him back on the links.

During the "This Week" Roundtable Will said, “Tiger Woods is a really good golfer and people are going to pay to see him do that. And people are going to forgive him and they are going to quit looking at him as an exemplar. Remember, no telling how many home runs Babe Ruth would have hit if he’d gone to bed a little earlier and a little more often with Mrs. Ruth.”

Republican strategist Ed Gillespie said if he were in Tiger’s shoes, he would stay out of the game for a year before surfacing. “He would probably benefit from going underground for a while, tending to his home situation,” Gillespie said, calling the episode, “remarkably sad.”

Arianna Huffington pointed out that Woods had won 14 majors and as of now has 11 alleged mistresses and that “any minute now [the mistresses] are going to overtake the majors.”

April Ryan added that Woods greatly expanded the reach of the sport and, “the golf world needs Tiger and Tiger needs golf.”

Huffington said the scandal offers a teachable moment for philanderers and laid down one of Arianna’s Rules: “Any man who wants to cheat on his wife, remember texting is the new lipstick on the collar.”

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