Rep. Pete King 'Leaning Against' Senate Run

Republican Congressman Pete King today hinted today that he may not seek the New York Senate seat currently being held by a Democrat, Rep. Kirsten Gillibrand.

King told me on “Good Morning America” that he is “leaning against” it, but will decide in the next week.

What makes King so hesitant to go for the powerful Senate seat?

The GOP leader is confident that Republicans will regain control of the House this year, which would make him the chairman of the Homeland Security Committee. King is currently the ranking Republican member on that committee but before Democrats gained the majority in 2006, he served as its chairman.

The prospect is alluring. Becoming chairman would “put me in a position to get more done,” King told me.

Democrats face a tough election year. Several key Democratic Congressmen, including Sen. Chris Dodd of Connecticut and Sen. Byron Drogan of North Dakota, will not be seeking re-election. At least four other Senate seats are considered vulnerable. Some gubernatorial seats are also in jeopardy. Just yesterday, Gov. Bill Ritter of Colorado, said he will not run again.

Republicans are likely to give Democrats a tough fight this year.

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