Former Counter-Terrorism Czar on Latest Plots: There Probably "Will Be Another Attempt"

Dick Clarke joined me on GMA today. He was counter-terrorism czar under Clinton and Bush, and he tried to calm American citizens by saying we should not “head for our bunkers” following that alarming testimony from Dennis Blair and Leon Panetta: that an attempted Al Qaeda attack on US soil is “certain” in the next six months..

“CIA directors always say this, once a year, in an annual threat briefing. And they always predict there's going to be another attempt. Another attempt does not mean another successful attack,” Clarke said. And he expressed great confidence in the FBI’s intelligence gathering techniques “The FBI is good at getting people to talk…they have been much more successful than the previous attempts of torturing people and trying to convince them to give information that way. The FBI does it right.”

In addition, he warned that instead of a deadly 9/11 style attack, the next significant terror attempt MAY be online, “The Google attacks, the attacks on the Pentagon. Every day, corporations lose their intellectual properties, their corporate secrets, without knowing it, to hacks. This takes away our economic advantage.”

Watch the whole story here:

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