GMA's Morning Mix: A Look at This Week's Hot Topics

Today on GMA's Morning Mix I chatted with the Washington Post's Howard Kurtz, Daily Beast editor in chief Tina Brown and political columnist and author Meghan McCain about some of the hottest topics of the week.

For starters Jon Stewart stopped by "The O'Reilly Factor" to discuss criticism of President Obama. Asked how he thought the President was doing Stewart quipped "I feel like I can't tell if he's a Jedi master playing chess on a three-level board way ahead of us or if this is kicking his a**."

Kurtz said of Stewart that he "is a cultural bellwether. And that he does reflect the disillusionment of many liberal commentators who had given their hearts to Obama and are now having second thoughts".

Tina Brown pointed out "The problem for Obama is he basically campaigned for 14 months on a completely different America, really. It was all about, I'm not Bush. I'm going to bring everyone together. I'm going to close Guantanamo Bay, I'm going to give you health care...But at the point he's elected, the whole scenario changes. It's like the curtain comes down. America is a gridlocked, broke place."

Brown also had something to say about Sarah Palin who this weekend will speak at the national Tea Party convention in Nashville and is embroiled in a bit of controversy for accepting a speaking fee for her appearance at a convention aimed at fostering more money and support for her own causes. "One thing you can guarantee about Sarah Palin,” says Brown, “is she's going to make out like a bandit. She knows how to do it."

The other hot topic of the week was the revenge of the wronged. From Andrew Young firing back at his old boss John Edwards to Jenny Sanford breaking her silence after the infidelities of her husband, South Carolina Governor Mark Sanford.

With John Edwards, some have criticized main stream media for not reporting the story, leading the National Enquirer to finally break it. "Where was the press when this was going on?" said McCain, "Who was reporting on this? When you find out later on that many people in the press did know about the affair that was going on, it could have completely changed the course of the election. Talk to Hillary Clinton about how she feels. Why aren't the press doing their job?"

For more on these topics watch the entire Morning Mix here:

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