Carville on Health Care: Could be Obama's 'Waterloo'

On 'GMA' this morning, James Carville wasn't as optimistic as House Speaker Nancy Pelosi. Not sure that Democrats have the votes to pass the President's plan, Carville is sure that failure will be the "Waterloo" predicted by GOP Senator Jim DeMint.

“If it goes down" Carville said, "it’s gonna be a simple statement: the Democrats can’t govern. They came in with a majority promising health care and they came away with nothing.”

ABC News political analyst Matthew Dowd said that passing the bill will hurt the Democrats more than it helps but added that the Republicans aren't safe from blow back for blocking the bill, “The vast majority of the country wants health care reform…they know the insurance companies have to reform they know costs have to be reformed and the republicans have to continue to say we have ideas we have ideas this is a bad bill but we have ideas”

See the debate here:

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