Carol Browner: Gulf Oil Spill is Worst in History

That’s what President Obama’s assistant for energy and climate change told me on GMA this morning. She also confirmed that the government is the one in charge, issuing orders to BP with regards to the clean-up. “They are complying with yesterdays order which is they’re gonna be using less (dispersant).”

On the topic of dispersant, Browner helped clarify the government’s view of the controversial method:

“We think dispersants are an important part of how we move forward and how we protect our coastal community. EPA has looked at and will continue to look at all of the dispersants. As it turns out there are not as many being manufactured as people thought in the quantities needed. What EPA did yesterday was direct BP to use less of this dispersant while they continue study what other alternatives may be available.”

And as for Gov. Jindal’s remarks that he’d be willing to build barrier islands off the coast of Louisiana and go to jail for doing so, Browner pointed out that such fixes wouldn’t be available for quite some time.

“We are looking at that proposal very carefully, but I think it’s important for people to note that by the Governor’s own estimation some of those things would not be in place for 6- 9 months. We need to make sure what we’re doing is gonna work today.”

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