Sec. Naptolitano: BP Execs Will Meet with her in Washington Today

That’s what she told me this morning on ‘GMA’ saying that she wanted to make sure “there is a clear claims process for those who are impacted that we have a system set up for prompt reimbursement.”

She added that BP would be responsible for costs incurred by Federal, State and Local governments throughout the Gulf oil spill clean-up.

Napolitano also addressed the news that BP was asking locals effected by the oil and clean-up crews to sign a waiver lessening BP’s liability and limiting the amount of money they can seek from the oil giant. “I was just alerted to that and if that in fact is the case that is a practice we want stopped immediately.”

BP’s Chief Executive Tony Hayward assured me on ‘GMA’ that such agreements are no more, “that was an early misstep…we were using standard contracts, we’ve eliminated that.”

But still, Hayward refused to take any blame for the spill itself. “The drilling rig was a Trans Ocean drilling rig; it was their equipment that failed it was their systems and processes that were running it. We are responsible for the oil and cleaning it up.”

See both interviews here:

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