Maureen Dowd: Obama's Problem Is a 'Humanoid' Problem

One of the must-reads of the day is Kathleen Parker’s column “Obama: Our first female president” where she throws this theory out there: during a crisis President Obama can suffer from a “rhetorical-testosterone deficit.”

Fellow Pulitzer Prize winning columnist Maureen Dowd agreed that Obama has traditional female traits of “consensus and compromise and listening to everyone.” But she said his problem isn’t male or female, it’s “humanoid.”

“He doesn’t connect when he could and he waits…His mother was an anthropologist and he has that anthropologist side of just waiting and looking, which isn’t really a male or female trait, it’s a problem,” Dowd told me on “ GMA.”

This type of analysis irritates Obama -- something Dowd said she takes pride in. She said unlike previous presidents who had “rich daddies” and a lot of confidence, Obama didn’t grow up like that.

“He‘s had to develop a lot of shields. He’s come up, you know basically as Michelle says he was raised by wolves,” Dowd said. “So you know he has a lot of shields so he’s thin-skinned. And when you’re thin-skinned you want to control your image and he doesn’t often like the image the media has.”

Obama and his staff think they haven’t gotten a fair shake in the press, something that all presidents believe. I don’t think the coverage is nearly as bad as his staffers say it is -- after all tough criticism comes with tough times.

But what do you think? See my analysis below and click here to watch my interview with Dowd. Then weigh-in and tell me, has the media given a fair shake?

-- George Stephanopoulos

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