Obama Officials Aghast and Angry Over Gen. McChrystal Comments

The new Rolling Stone article about Gen. Stanley McChrystal is the screaming must-read of the morning and it has Obama administration officials stunned. (The issue hits newsstands later this week, but you can read excerpts HERE.)

Working the phones early this am, I found administration officials bothered and bewildered by the article. How could McChrystal do this? Why would he do it?

No one yet was ready to say President Obama would fire McChrystal – it’s probably not the right time for that – but they didn’t hide their anger, making it clear that McChrystal is being ordered back to Washington to hear it from Obama himself.

A tough meeting is likely, reminiscent of the first time Obama ordered McChrystal to the woodshed – last October after the General appeared to diss Vice President Biden and limit the President’s ability to make a decision in a London speech.

Expect a full grovel from McChrystal – he’s already working the phones – once he gets to the White House.

Watch my analysis here:

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