Stephanopoulos Morning Must-Reads: General McChrystal Fallout

There is a fascinating array of opinions in the papers this morning on what to do with General Stanley McChrystal.

Eliot Cohen argues in the Wall Street Journal that the General has to go.

This is countered by Michael O’Hanlon in USA Today who makes the case for McChrystal to stay.

The Wall Street Journal and Washington Post agree Obama should keep the General on in their two top editorials. But the New York Times and USA Today don’t take a stand. Historian Robert Dallek argues Obama should emulate FDR and fire McChrystal.

But my hunch is that Doris Kearns Goodwin has the most influential take of the day. She asks “what would Lincoln do?” The answer? Turn the other cheek to McChrystal’s “insolence” and focus on the task at hand: fighting this war. That’s directed right at Obama’s sweet spot.

All of my reporting indicates President Obama truly hasn’t made up his mind, but my bet is Obama will follow Lincoln’s lead and keep McChrystal for now.

Officials tell me the decision really will be made in the room. If McChrystal can convince the President that the article hasn’t crippled his ability to fight the war, he’ll stay.

That’s a tall order. And an administration official tells me that the White House has already asked the Pentagon for a list of possible replacements.

--George Stephanopoulos

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