'The View' Audience: General McChrystal Should Be Canned

That bombshell Rolling Stone article on Gen. McChrystal was the hot topic on "The View" today.

So far administration officials are telling me that President Obama has not yet made a decision on what to do with McChrystal.

But everyone else is weighing in from Senators to my fellow panelist on "The View," D.L. Hughley. He thought McChrystal’s diss of the President reflected broader views within the military and a lack of respect rooted in part in the President’s race.

I don’t buy that -- and it’s not clear to me that Obama has a good option right now.

If he fires McChrystal you lose the most experienced commander right in the middle of a tough summer. If the President turns the other cheek he risks looking weak.

But the audience surprised me with their reaction --they cheered long and hard for firing McChrystal.

Watch it here:

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