Admin. Official: Existence of Washington Post Database 'Troubling'

The database the Washington Post compiled during its "Top Secret America" two year investigation is "troubling," one administration official told me this morning, saying it could become a road map for adversaries – a charge reporter William Arkin denied on "GMA."

"We’ve been through months now of negotiations and discussions with the government. I don’t think there is anything here that would do harm to national security," Arkin told me. "And frankly I’m an American as well and I don’t want to do any harm to American national security."

The official also told me that President Obama and his team are committed to intelligence reform -- calling it a "central issue" – and said the system basically worked preventing another major attack and taking out 10 of the top 20 Al Qaeda leaders. But Arkin argued otherwise – saying it is important to counter what "the government would like to put out as the good news."

"The evidence shows that, in fact, in the case of Major Hasan in Ft. Hood last year that the vast apparatus of counterintelligence and force protection in the part of the military completely and utterly failed to detect someone who was right inside the ranks of the U.S. army and I think that is a massive failure," he said.

Arkin said that Secretary Gates and Leon Panetta would agree with their reporting, that "this is a system which has grown so vast that no one really has a full handle on it, no one really is fully in charge of it."

Click here to watch my interview with William Arkin, and see my full analysis below.

-- George Stephanopoulos

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